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This is just a self-promoting speech printed in huge print.

Painful sex and painful periods. Yours ~ Lisa, This was one of the most interesting things I’ve read all week.

Once confirmed, it may be necessary for the surgeon to make additional small holes through which to insert the instruments in order to remove the adhesions. Please take what I say with a grain of salt. So…they went BIG and began a 10-year study of their technique and infertility results. This is a physical therapy technique designed to reduce the presence of scar tissue, thus lessening the amount of pain felt by the patient and … All without surgery. The Wurn Technique may prove useful to a woman who is having painful intercourse or painful periods prior to undergoing another laparoscopic surgery, or if she cannot afford a (nother) surgery.

When adhesions are seen at laparoscopy they are treated by dissecting from no ... Are scar tissue that forms between organs or structures in the abdomen in everyone that has had an intra-abdominal surgery.

Thank u for that information .

An alternative option, which may lead to a year of reduced symptoms. While my therapist was very nice, the Wurn Technique did me absolutely no good.

In the last post, I mentioned I came across something called the Wurn Technique. Delve into it! I emailed my concerns and complaints but none of them care to take further step to assist.

Reviewed in the United States on June 20, 2019. Some times an inflammatory process affects these tunnels and c ... Adhesions may be separated or lysed as well as excised and removed. They decided to name this compilation the Wurn Technique ®.”, Their home office is in Gainseville, Fl and you can find out more information at www.clearpassage.com, Previous Father’s Day Blues Next Honoring loss. There's no "fix" to adhesive disease after surgery. Candidates must pass a test on the contents of a Therapist Training Manual, then train with the Wurns’ Clear Passage clinic or another certified instructor before working with patients. Is there anyone who have had success using the Wurn technique for chronic abdominal pain caused by adhesions from multiple abdominal surgeries?

For abdominal cavity adhesions, frequently this can be done with laparoscopy or ro ... Peritoneal adhesions often accompany endometriosis, although not always. ( Log Out /  And it was recently published in the Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine journal. This book is so informative on the topic of adhesions concerning small bowel obstructions, endometriosis and more. To help you compare the value of the Clear Passage Approach (CPA) to your other options, we offer below a side-by-side comparison of CPA with other treatments using data published in independent peer-reviewed medical journals. Mark Crislip posted shortly after the 2015 study was released with some points as to why he feels the results of the study, and the study itself, are disingenuous. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. It may be followed by other components of the technique to promote overall motility, or functioning, of the organs and gynecological health. Dr. Addagada Rao answered.


Belinda F. Wurn, PT and Lawrence J. Wurn, LMT, are the sole shareholders of Clear Passage Therapies, Inc. Wurn Technique is a Therapeutic Method for Treating Infertility in Humans and Animals, patent pending with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Application No. The Wurn Technique ® (WT) is a unique hands-on physio/physical therapy modality, developed over 30+ years by Belinda Wurn, PT, and Larry Wurn, LMT.

The Wurn Technique has become a popular adhesion treatment option among those wishing to avoid surgery. He had severe abdominal adhesions after several surgeries, but updates, “[b]efore heading down to Clear Passage, I had a persistent/painful bowel obstruction, could only walk short distances with a crutch, had trouble going up/down stairs, experienced tremendous pain in my abdomen on a daily basis, had a very limited diet of crackers/similar items, and required a significant amount pain medication everyday. Doesn't tell you how to fix adhesions at all, other than go to their clinic! Should be only 20 pages long. After poring over a patient's medical history and current complaints, the first treatment of the Wurn technique is likely to involve the isolation and subtle softening of particular adhesions in the body.

Few in the medical community appear to have countered … Has anyone tried Wurn Technique by Clear Passage? This study found that Clear Passage and the Wurn Techniques had pregnancy rates 1.5 times higher than IVF alone. Surgical intervention is the most common form of adhesion treatment, even though this treatment option carries the risk of the formation of additional scar tissue. Tags: alternative therapy for infertility, Belinda Wurn, C-section, cervical cancer, endometriosis, Fl, Gainseville, laparoscoy, massage, pelvic infection, PID, radiation therapy, Wurn Technique.

And ALWAYS feel free to consult with your physician. Wikibuy Review: A Free Tool That Saves You Time and Money, 15 Creative Ways to Save Money That Actually Work.

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