why does everyone hate super smash bros brawl

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Smash 4, despite having a lower skill ceiling than Brawl, doesn't get the hate Brawl does because it's popular and it tried (albeit unsuccessfully in some areas) to promote aggressive play, which makes it more "Watchable", Brawl still has a decent sized online community, and the hate is pretty real. You'll see people sometimes bring up that in Melee, only 8-10 characters are viable at a top level out of 26. Again, Brawl is a great game. In Brawl, you can lose neutral at random, and it's unavoidable since you can trip any time you start a run as well as other cases. Just wondering, me and friends got into the Smash scene late and so our love of SSB came from Brawl. Most of the big Smash 4 players came from Brawl. I don't hate Brawl, I really like it. Smash Bros is easier to pick up than all the other fighting games. But at the same time, if you'd tried constantly to get people into better and more worthwhile games, only to be met with a big toothy grin, a "Hayuck!"

If you look at it completely objectively, to a smash newcomer, brawl is an amazing game. Hell, the top comment on this post is trying to point out Brawl's flaws and making it seem like nobody ever played the game, despite it having a thriving grassroots scene for years. Brawl's tier list was also very skewed. The pressure of Melee was reduced. re: Why does everyone hate Brawl so much!? Smash Bros smells like a party game. After some were being disappointed by Brawl, Melee finally returned in 2009, but it was a long hill to climb back and Brawl tournaments were cutting down the attendance of Melee tournaments, which before was pretty much the only Smash game played at tournaments since the only other game was the original and had nearly no tournaments. ". Every one on the planet lied about Lucario in the 15 minute Brawl challenge, Roll call, where all the Brawl online character charts players at. I think it. As a game it's awesome and 10/10 and a great casual game.

Smash Bros is really different from all the other fighting games. Wiki User Answered . I went to SSC over the summer and got laughed multiple times for claiming I was there for Brawl. Smash Bros' combos look completely different than all the other fighting games'. Thankfully those have died down, but even now you'll see that Brawl is almost never played at tournament simply because it's not ideal for competition and Smash Wii U improved off of Brawl's design flaws greatly. It expanded so much off of Melee and it has a widely celebrated story mode that didn't return in Smash 4, so it's unique in that sense. *points to head*" - Charles Manson. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad.

It also killed off Melee for a short bit. With PM eventually coming in and giving bad Brawl players what they wanted (Melee 2.0), coupled with the announcement of Smash 4, the game just died down. Another thing Brawl cut down from was the technical skill required to win. But as a competitive game, it leaves something to be desired. Oh,come on.No,tell me,except the more characters,what more did you expect? Brawl was much worse and unbalanced, while Smash 64 and Smash 4 are generally accepted to be more balanced games, with mid tiers often making top placements.

Smashtasm Episode 6 release date in 20 days! It isnt that its hated among competitive players (Ive got 8 years under my belt of Brawl tournaments and counting) it's that the melee community just really did not like it because it changed the formula so much. ... No, it doesnt. A lot of competitive people just weren't a fan of it, and that turned into Brawl hate and endless Melee > Brawl and Brawl > Melee debates. It's a fun and addicting game, i really like it. I have fond memories of playing the Subspace Emissary. The point of a competitive match is to make the more skilled player win as much as possible. "I've never killed anyone. Everyone expected it to be sex in the form of a game. "It’s called a miracle because it doesn’t happen". This makes it get boring fast when watching tournament matches. For Super Smash Bros. Brawl on the Wii, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Why does nearly everyone hate Sonic? Some people may not like how the Brawl meta rewarded defensive play or how Metaknight created such controversy amongst the community. Games also took much longer, which is not fun to watch.

Brawl is a great game on its own, but it clearly wasn't meant to be played competitively. Answer. Brawl is a game that requires so much intellect that you even have to question whether you should run or not. Thanks for the in depth answer! I have a good connection I only lag a little with 4 people, other than that, I never lag. I don't need to kill anyone. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Asked by Wiki User. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. lol..you and your jokes. Being young when it came out, I was attracted to the campaign and just casual play and had no idea about the mechanical changes from Melee to Brawl, so it's interesting to read about. If you're not the competitive type, then you probably won't notice and will just have fun. … Who is the best character for home-run contests. They feel the game is a lot slower and not as competitive as the previous 2, which is what people seem to love. I know! Top Answer. Again, Brawl is a great game. The thing I remember is that Havok, though potentially in a different form due to Smash's being 2D (3D models aside), is employed on the HD consoles frequently to good effect, in which case the problem isn't nearly so much the engine as it's not being preferable for Smash Brothers. Or maybe just don't run and you won't trip. So many characters, music tracks, stages, a giant adventure mode; brawl is great! Staling is when moves get weaker the more you use them, and in Brawl this made a lot of moves only kill on their first use. GHWT FC: 2020 3760 0511 Brawl FC: 2878 9814 3260 TTT. How do you make the bag fly in home run contest? Welcome to Reddit's finest Smash Bros community! I just think this board has gone to utter ****. There was a legitimate community split over the game for a while and it bred bad blood between the two scenes. Powered by neoforums v3.6.0b Copyright Neo Era Media, Inc. 1999-2020. When you go from melee to brawl from a competitive perspective it's a huge change. Tech skill takes, well, skill. Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Items are turned off and stages with hazards are never played on, to reduce variance and cheap kills. 2012-07-15 04:38:24 2012-07-15 04:38:24. Honestly, I would argue that Brawl has the best single player content in the series, and I know many people that would agree with that.

Compared to the other Smash games, people take the most damage before dying in Brawl. Brawl was much worse and unbalanced, while Smash 64 and Smash 4 are generally accepted to be more balanced games, with mid tiers often making top placements. Brawl hate has actually died down. Personally, I love Brawl. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Musical Middle Melody in the Minor and Major. For those that stuck with melee this huge change is seen as a huge let down as if the Sakurai was flipping off a whole section of the community with it's release. The game often gets flak based off of the documentary portrayed it: a newer, inferior version of smash that nearly killed off the Melee scene. Press J to jump to the feed. Now whether you exactly hold it to those extremes is up to you yourself but there's definitely both sides to the story. Moves didn't work right, it was slower, it took forever to kill, and staling was really, really bad. 2008 just had two Melee nationals, both before Brawl was released in North America, which is the most populous Smash scene. I see alot of people saying it sucks, I don't understand, when you have people to play with, its very fun! Brawl hate never really died down its just people talk about the game less lol, Brawl hate mostly stems from the Melee documentary and all that which came after it.

It was by design made lower skilled players have more of a chance versus more skilled players, which is okay when messing around but not ideal when playing for money. Surprisingly when you look back, there wasn't a single Melee national in a one year timespan in 2008-2009. I have it here. Is it the hype, or what? Melee is possibly one of the most technically demanding games of all time, while Brawl removed two basic techs in Melee that made it so complex and fast: which are wavedashing and L-canceling respectively. 2 3 4. However, Brawl purposely added in variance, for example, random tripping. Its a great game, the music, the modes, its not that bad! A lot of competitive people just weren't a fan of it, and that turned into Brawl hate and endless Melee > Brawl and Brawl > Melee debates. I remember MK being stupid powerful though haha. Why do some people hate Super Smash Bros Brawl? So, you could get punished by a lower skilled player just for being unlucky, sometimes dying off a trip. It was "cool" to hate Brawl because of its lack of competitiveness, but thankfully this died down a few years ago, especially once the Smash 4 pre-release hype started. Trying to be unbiased but which video looks more fun? What?! Meta Knight was also notoriously much more agile and potent than the rest of the cast, so MK players could deal damage then camp for the rest of the game. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It wasn't as fun if you were used to the previous two games. Meta Knight was overpowered, so he was the most played character by far, with sometimes even half of the Top 8 being all Meta Knights. Hitstun canceling made it not a surprise to live until 200%, especially for characters like Snake. The best option is often to not approach at all. Why's this? Even though we all prefer Smash 4 now, I wasn't aware there was such hate of Brawl amongst the community. The release of Smash 4 took a lot of Brawl's playerbase as well, so it became the social norm to make Brawl a meme by harping on its flaws (both real and perceived). And while Melee is an offensively-oriented game, Brawl has a defensive-oriented meta. Smash Bros looks more kiddy than all the other fighting games. As far as I can see melee was a huge hit casually and also had drop gameplay so the shift in my opinion was unnecessary, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. You just sort of learn to live with it.

And there are other legitimate reasons brought up in this thread as to why people dislike and hate on smash brothers.

I don't see why everyone hates it!

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