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"He's always known [how much he is loved]. "He has bad days and good days.

In July, Sir Bobby's brother Jack passed away, himself having previously being suffered with dementia.

Sir Bobby Charlton is having "good and bad" days, his brother Tommy revealed after an emotional chat following the former Manchester United great's dementia diagnosis. Sir Bobby Charlton's brother Tommy says the former Manchester United and England midfielder is having good and bad days. "To me walking football is very important, it has made my life a lot better, I can't really say how much it has changed my life," Charlton told Sky Sports News, in reaction to the suspension of the sport.

Tommy Charlton is the UK ambassador for the Walking Football Association, Sir Bobby Charlton diagnosed with dementia, We would like your feedback, please fill in our survey. Tommy Charlton is following in the footsteps of brothers Sir Bobby and Jack by playing for England, at the age of 72. Grandad of six Tommy Charlton, who looks just like his pitch-ace older brothers Jack and Bobby, has been picked for the Over 60s England walking …

Tommy Charlton spoke to Sky Sports News in his role as UK ambassador for the Walking Football Association (WFA). We always try to do things right. Tommy Charlton says putting on the three lions shirt - almost identical to his brothers' 1966 kit - is "a dream come true". "I can't state it louder, the psychological part of it. It is now an integral part of the week. Talking to people and getting them to have a go, I always stress it changes your mind. His famous siblings were in the World Cup winning team in 1966. "I spoke to Bob today, I phoned his wife to see how he was and she put him on. It give you something to think about and aim at, it promotes a positive mental attitude. 'Dream come true': Younger Charlton brother's England debut at 72. "It is taken into consideration that we are [on average] more vulnerable than others. You try to eat clean, stay fit, all because of walking football. According to a recent survey by the WFA, over 50 per cent of walking football players are aged between 60 and 70, and over 70 per cent said it was the highlight of their week, with nearly 30 per cent of players saying they take part just for the social interaction. https://t.co/gaUWM6eVYV. "Lads I play with play three times a week, they travel all over the place to get a game, it is very important. Tommy Charlton got the chance to speak his brother Sir Bobby on Monday. ", Sir Bobby Charlton is having 'good and bad' days, brother Tommy reveals after emotional chat. "Jack was a different kettle of fish, he could take it, but Bob is a sensitive guy.". Bob's the sort of fella that everyone loves, I've never heard anyone say anything nasty about him, or criticise him. It is not a normal part of your normal 70-year-old's life. Tommy Charlton, brother of Sir Bobby, spoke to Sky Sports News in his role as UK ambassador for the Walking Football Association, making his case for the sport to continue despite lockdown in England from Thursday; Sir Bobby's dementia diagnosis was revealed on Sunday.

"I would hate to think what I would be like [mentally] if I didn't get out and play.

Charlton, regarded as one of England's best-ever footballers, has been diagnosed with dementia. We take advice, we take temperatures and everyone is closely monitored, we do all we can," Charlton continued. He was almost in tears when we were talking, I'm afraid I was as well. "Everybody is really disappointed by the fact that lockdown is here, we are all being very sensible about it, there is not a lot you can do, you have to accept it.". Tommy, an ambassador of Walking Football says the sport is important for mental health. Based on the latest Government announcement with regards to a new lockdown, we have issued the following. He's having a good day today, it was very rewarding [to hear], it was very good news. Sir Bobby Charlton's brother Tommy says the former Manchester United and England midfielder is having good and bad days. The organisation has been told that all group sessions, training and matches are suspended from Thursday due to the lockdown in England.

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