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Usually in conjunction with "say", "tell", "speak".

today you disguise what you feel for me and very willing to overcome it << ?? there is my girl, don't do that damage knowing that you love me, Andrea (Bulgaria) - Излъжи ме (Izlazhi me), Max Barskih - Любовь, не умирай (Lyubovʹ, ne umiray). and then yes, i will not make more songs for you, i will not say more words. Come one, my baby, don't do this damage to you knowing that you love me.

And despite that there passed so much time, I still keep your picture. with me you won't be able to, i know you better, you still love me... it doesn't matter that today you move away from me; tomorrow you will miss me. Many translated example sentences containing "me amas" – English-Spanish dictionary and search engine for English translations.

Human translations with examples: you love me, he kissed me, send me nudes, as you love me, do you love me. And the yes, I won't sing to you anymore, I won't say words anymore. Translate Me amas. And where will this love go, all this little illusion? Frankly, openly, essentially.... Обычно в сочетании с "сказать", "говорить".

when you sang with my guitar and soon you kissed me, muah. See authoritative translations of Me amas in English with example sentences and audio pronunciations. ), i ask myself constantly, i know that i fail but your pride and your attitude prevent me from recuperating, you deny to feel love, hidden the passion, and you also reject me. Is it because you don't want me to see that you are still in love, Your eyes show passion and false feelings, For the fact that you reject me while you die inside, You know very well you cannot forget me and even less to cheat on me/ lie on me, It's not born yet another man to make you fall in love ( there's no other man who can make you fall in love), If before love was invented, I already loved you, Not even the love of Romeo and Juliet become that big, I will be sincere and admit, I don't lie to you: I miss you. Translate Todavia me amas. Wolpis Carter - マキナの祈り (Machina no Inori).

Translation of 'todavía me amas' by Aventura from Spanish to English. It doesn't matter that today you go away from me, you will miss me tomorrow. We Broke the Rules is the second studio album by the Dominican-American band Aventura, released on July 2, 2002, by Premium Latin music.On the album, Aventura incorporated elements of pop, hip hop, and R&B into bachata, giving what critics thought was a new flavor to the genre and extending its appeal to those who preferred urban music styles. English translation of lyrics for Todavia Me Amas by Aventura. Translation of 'todavía me amas' by Aventura from Spanish to English (Version #2) Explícame porque razón no me miras la cara, Explain to me why you won't look me in the face, Será que no quieres que note que sigues enamorada, Perhaps you don't want me to notice that you're still in love, Tus ojos demuestran pasión y falsos sentimientos, Por el hecho de tu rechazarme mientras te mueres por dentro, By the fact that you push me away while you die inside, Sabes bien que no puedes olvidarme y mucho menos engañarme, You know well that you can't forget me and even less fool me, Todavía no ha nacido otro hombre que pueda enamorarte, Another man is not yet born, who can make you fall in love, Si antes de inventarse el amor ya yo te estaba amando, Even before love was invented I was already loving you, Ni el amor de Romeo y Julieta llegó a ser tan grande, Not even Romeo and Juliet's love got to grow this large, Te voy a ser sincero y confieso, no te miento te extraño, I'll be honest, I confess, I'm not lying, I miss you, Y a pesar que transcurrió tanto tiempo aún guardo tu retrato, And even after all this time has passed I'm still saving your picture, Pero tu orgullo y tu actitud me impiden recuperarte, But your pride and your attitude won't let me recover you, It won't work with me, I know you too well, Doesn't matter that you go away from me today, Hoy disfrazas lo que por mí sientes y vienes dispuesta a vencer, Today you camouflage what you feel for me and come ready to defeat, Incluso dices que me odias y que el amor se te fue, You even say that you hate me and that love left you, Mira mis ojos convénceme que ya tú no me amas, Look into my eyes and convince me that you don't love me, Entonces si no te haré mas canciones no diré mas palabras, And if you don't, I'll stop making you songs and wont say any more words, Disimulas al decir que no me amas que eso fue en el pasado, You hide by saying, that you don't love me, that that was in the past, Pero el amor no se puede olvidar siempre queda grabado, But love can't be forgotten, it'll always stay recorded, En tu diario se conserva la historia de dos enamorados, In your diary a story is conserved of two lovers, Las novelas y poesías de amor las viví a tu lado, The novels and poetries of love I lived them by your side, Recuerda cuando te hice mujer en aquella madrugada, Remember, when I made you a woman in that early morning, Cuando te cantaba con mi guitarra y luego tú me besabas, When I sang to you with my guitar and then you kissed me, Ay mi niña no te hagas ese daño sabiendo que me amas, Ohh my girl don't hurt yourself, knowing that you love me, Todita la ilusión me pregunto a cada instante, All this illusion I'm wondering every instant. When I was playing the guitar to you and you were kissing me, Mwah. you even say that you hate me and that love left you, look in my eyes, convince me that you don't still love me. “Pero tu orgullo y tu actitud me impiden recuperarte— Aventura, You will get 3 free months if you haven't already used an Apple Music free trial, Made with love & passion in Italy.

I keep asking myself, I know I failed you, but your pride and your attitude don't let me take you back, You deny feeling love, you hide the passion and also reject me, With me, you cannot, I know you too well, you still love me, It doesn't matter that today you go away from me, you will miss me tomorrow, Today you hide what you feel for me and you are willing to win, You also say that you hate me and that love is gone, Look into my eyes, convince me that you still don't love me. Enjoyed everywhere. explain the reason why you dont look me in the face, it would be that you don't want to notice you keep loving me, your eyes show passion and false feelings, by the fact that you reject me while you die on the inside, you know well that you can't foget me and much less (cheat on me/decieve me), still, another man has not been born who can love you, if before love was made up, i was already loving you, neither the love of romeo and julet became so great, i leave you to be sincere and and i confess, i don't lie to you: i miss you, and grief that elapsed so much time, i still keep your picture, and where will this love go, (each little ilusion??

See Spanish-English translations with audio pronunciations, examples, and word-by-word explanations. Explain me, why don't you look me in the eyes? Contextual translation of "todavia me amas" into English. and then yes, i will not make more songs for you, i will not say more words.

You pretend telling that you don;t love me anymore, that it was in the past, but love cannot be forgot, it always remains printed, In your diary is kept the story of two lovers, The short stories and love poems I lived next to you, Remember when I made you a woman, that morning. you pretend when you say that you don't love me, that that was in the past, but love can't always forget, it is left engraving, the history of two lovers is conserved in your diary, the novels and poetry of love, they will live at your side, remember when that woman did it to you in that early morning.

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