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In "Opposites Attract", Chuckie meets a boy named Freddie who essentially has Chuckie's nerves and Kimi's, Despite the episode's name, "Aunt Miriam" is in fact Grandpa Lou's cousin, and when they were kids, she did nothing but pick on him, from throwing his favorite ball over the yard to opening the window and making him sick.

The Joke's On You screamed because the hose spraying angelica's face.

Reptar's Revenge - screamed because ride Nause-O-Whirl (agony scream sound), Angelica the Magnificent (trademark scream), Candy Bar Creep Show (agony scream sound), Angelica's Worst Nightmare - screamed because she had a very scary dream. Chuckie sees all his friends together with their respective moms, and he's sad because he's the only one without a mom. When it's Tommy's turn, he talks about all the fun he has with his parents and friends... but not Angelica. It's clear that up to that point in the series he wasn't yet able to get over what happened to her. Chuckie's First Haircut/Cool Hand Angelica, 4. When Susie's new trike is missing and Angelica shows up on an identical three-wheeler, Susie accuses her of stealing it. America's Wackiest Home Videos (with his trademark scream sound).

In every crowd there's a worrywart, and among the Rugrats it's Charles Finster, Jr. Tommy's best friend Chuckie is a likable two-year-old scaredy cat who sees monsters in every closet and worries about a hundred ways things can go wrong. "Spike Runs Away". Season 3, Episode 22 TV-Y Or "The Alien" when she told the babies that Chuckie was an alien because she was too big to fit in the new playhouse. Chuckie has a couple of vivid dreams one night, and then the other rugrats are hard-pressed to convince him he's not still dreaming throughout the rest of the day. Tommy immediately misses the doll, but has to work up the nerve to ask Chuckie for it back. I want a mom that will last forever, I want a mom to love me whenever... even ANGELICA couldn't bring herself to say anything bad to Chuckie, until he realizes how upset Tommy will be upon seeing what happened to Boppo.

Season 3, Episode 21 TV-Y Angelica's eventual attachment to Prancie, the little stuffed reindeer a fake Santa gave her. Ditto's Mysterious Mansion (Pokemon (TheBluesRockz Animal Style)), Pokemon Chronicles (400Movies Animal Style), Pokemon (DinosaurKingRockz Animal Style) (Season 17), The Bridge Bike Gang (Pokemon (TheBluesRockz Animal Style)), https://parody.fandom.com/wiki/Chuckie_crying_in_Rugrats_in_Paris?oldid=1814437. During "Mother's Day" Tommy reveals the first time he saw his mom... was when he was in an incubator.

SD. This whole idea somewhat makes the entirety of Stu's and Didi's parenting style one big Tear Jerker. CC On paper it sounds like a silly idea, but the execution of the episode is nothing less than impressive. Season 3, Episode 15 TV-Y Angelica's role? CC $70.00 New.

1997 Mattel Rugrats Chuckie Finster Jumbo Large 24" Plush Doll Toy Vintage.

(with his oriental scream). SD. The Rugrats Movie - cried because Dil tweaks his nose (with his Crying Theme), he also cried because he wanted Dil's teddy bear (with his Lobster cry), then he cried when he thought Spike died like the wolf did falling from the bridge into the river (with his Yodel cry) CC Chuckie falls for a new girl, Megan, and they express their affection by picking on each other. Check system requirements. Grandpa takes the rugrats on their first camping trip--outside in the backyard.

When her father goes to see her, she starts breaking down and telling her dad that she doesn't want a new sibling and to be ignored like she was in her nightmare. SD. / Stu, trying to break through his "inventor's block', gets a job at Consolidated Lard, and Tommy keeps trying to sabotage him each morning in order to keep him from leaving the house. Tommy's adventurous schemes often reduce Chuckie to shivers \"M-m- maybe this isn't such a good idea,\" he'll suggest, as the Rugrats are off to sneak into the dark and dank garage. / When the Rugrats find a nickel in the park, Angelica's greed takes over and she drives them to look for more.

SD. Angelica tearfully asks if her mommy is going to fire her.

All the rugrats had gathered at Tommy's place for a sleep over.

Please try again later.

Grandpa Moves Out/Legend of the Satchmo, 7.

Chuckie cheers up when he realizes how much he's needed by others.

What's worse is that, not only was getting Tommy in trouble 100% Angelica's idea, but she only got Chuckie to go along with it by provoking jealousy within him by saying that. In a way, he's asking his first mother to make sure Kimi is safe and never lonely. Later that day, at supper time, Chuckie had another asthma attack. a letter the dying woman wrote to her son for him to read when he was older. / Angelica decides to sue her parents for divorce after they insist that she eat some broccoli. Tommy decides that he'd rather go naked like his dog Spike.

CC "That isn't something we want to think about" said Chazz. In the same episode, Angelica wakes up from a nightmare involving her newborn baby brother terrorizing her and her parents ignoring her.

Cut flashbacks, and eventually grown-up Tommy finds the now rusty Reptar, taking it back inside to keep in his box.

This is based on opinion. sees clouds shaped like himself and his mom together.

Season 3, Episode 18 TV-Y While Stu shows boring slides of his family's vacation, the rugrats draw their own "slides" which come alive as they narrate their own "day in the life" stories. Tommy was born in 1988, but he was a stillborn, that's why Stu is constantly in the basement making toys for the son who never had a chance to live.

The Penguins of Madagascar and Rugrats Hour Wiki, List of insistance of crying by characters, List of insistance of screaming by characters, List of insistance by gasping by characters, List of insistance of shouts and yelling by character, https://penguinsrugrats.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_insistance_of_screaming_by_characters?oldid=4851. At one point, he even looks out the plane window and, Before that, the scene where all the kids are dancing with their mothers at Lou and Lulu's wedding reception. SD. The Turkey Who Came to Dinner (George scream), They Came from the Backyard (Tantrum screech), The Rugrats Movie screamed because the babies get pushed on a crazy downhill chase in in the reptar wagon by a pissed of Angelica. Toy Palace - screamed becuase he being chased by Thorg (with his Toyota Tacoma scream sound), What The Big People Do (with his Toyota Tacoma scream sound). Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from thestaff@tvtropes.org. The babies sneak into Grandpa's camping trailer, mistaking it for a rocket ship, then believe that they've blasted off to the moon. Season 3, Episode 1 TV-Y7 Season 3, Episode 7 TV-Y SD.

CC TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Any parent that has had to deprive their child of something they love for their own good will know this shameful feeling. It has a flashback at the time they were still babies and playing with Reptar.

The plane trip in the second movie. Later, when Angelica inherits a massive candy company, Charlotte tells her "The only thing I love more than corporate domination is corporate domination with my number one girl! CC It might be a bit of an exaggeration because she's only three, but Angelica might feel that she's too young to be with the adults but too old to play with the babies. His line to the ". SD. CC I can't breathe!"


The crying scene in the episode where Angelica thought she was going to move away. Chuckie feels miserable about not wanting a princess mommy and wants a real mommy that talks nice to him, tucks him in at night, tells him stories and who loves him. 1. Friend scared his son and friends. $29.00 New. Finally, someone returns Spike to Tommy, and the boy and his dog have a joyous reunion. When Wishes Come True/Angelica Breaks a Leg, 13. ", While "Starstruck" is generally a funny episode with a funny premise (Kimi's going to be in an audition, and when Chas says she'll be a star, the babies think he means a star like from space), there's still the sub-plot with Chuckie being sad as he doesn't want his sister to leave.

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