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Steve (@scbriml) 24th October 2020, 17:43. In addition, development is already restricted.". All this while red bull may have to fight renault on track. After all, the team will need the time to build a car that meets the new regulations in 2022. It’s inconvenient to supply a team like Red Bull, we’re not a standard customer team, we’re not a small team.”. Renault / Alpine, builds cars and trucks. Red bull gets full access to the engine and has honda engineers work with them fixing issues and making changes that may or may not be mutually beneficial. I very much wanted Honda to licence their IP (along with the necessary equipment and a few personnel for a few years) ideally to a 3rd party like Ilmore or Cosworth. This time the circuit... Charles Leclerc managed to get his Ferrari into the points again this weekend at Imola. Get the cream of our content direct to your inbox. Reload this page.

“I can’t imagine that they don’t have a ‘Plan A’ or ‘Plan B’ and I think we are very far in the pecking order of the alphabet before they call us again.”. Building its own engine in the short-term is not possible for Red Bull but it may consider a rebadged continuation project realistic and preferable to becoming a customer again. Both Ferrari and Renault say they will not support Red Bull's push to see engine development frozen from 2022. Red bull gets the best factory maps and deployment strategies along with brand new parts. Read about our approach to external linking. You underestimate the terrible job Renault did. Of course we have to keep all options open. I think they will come back with a tail between their legs because it will not be easy nor cheap to take on an engine department regardless of how helpful Honda is when transferring that facility over. When red bull gets an engine from renault it is an engine that is tailor made for the renault chassis. “Our aim is now to exit the sport without making big [negative] changes in the sport,” he said. “As Honda we had so many things from the teams, so we want to give it back somehow in a nice way for the future” :: Masahi Yamamoto. “But of course that would have to be dependent on the regulations. 24th October 2020, 14:1724th October 2020, 14:27 | Written by Keith Collantine. I dont believe Horner. Honda has made further progress with its power-unit since leaving McLaren and has emerged with Red Bull this season as a force at the front of the grid.

The Race has been stopped as you’ve reached your article limit for this month. Nov.1 - Both Ferrari and Renault say they will not support Red Bull's push to see engine development frozen from 2022. “We will just keep pushing till the end.”, Our latest video assesses how likely Lewis Hamilton would be to walk away from Formula 1 at the end of 2020, as he admitted there is "no guarantee" he will remain at Mercedes, Unnerving footage of Lance Stroll running at speed past marshals working on the track during the Imola safety car period raises questions that need answering, Edd Straw's verdict on the Formula 1 field's Imola performances includes a very nearly perfect score at one end of the scale, and some painfully low numbers for drivers who threw opportunities away, Mercedes “couldn’t quite believe” how much performance Valtteri Bottas was losing for most of the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix after a Ferrari endplate embedded in his car on lap two, Things fell right for Lewis Hamilton on Formula 1’s return to Imola, but he clinically pressed home the good fortune with his usual blend of savage speed and silky tyre usage, George Russell has described crashing under the safety car while on course for a points finish in the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix as “the biggest mistake I’ve ever made in my career”. "If that is introduced, it will be the beginning of the end of Formula 1," he said. The company's engines were criticised for being uncompetitive and the relationship broke down at the end of 2017. That’s a very precarious place for the sport to be. The real order is: – Plan A: Ferrari. Imola podcast: Schoolboy errors, contract intrigue and a record, Imola proves experience still reigns in F1. Make sense out of that. Yes, but fans don’t have to like them especially Horner or Marko. Honda returned to F1 in 2015 and spent a difficult three years with McLaren, with both engine and car not at a competitive level. What Red Bull asks is engine freeze until next regulations (2026). I don’t know about everyone else but I’m going to enjoy this story line all the way to the finish… And it’s Horner who said it, so what is he really saying? The Race understands no such request has been made but Honda is willing to consider it as it wishes to make its exit as painless as possible, especially as Red Bull Racing and AlphaTauri helped make it an F1 winner again after three hard years with McLaren. The Monegasque finished... George Russell made an big mistake at the Grand Prix at Imola.

Red Bull's preferred option would be to take over Honda's engine after the Japanese manufacturer pulls out of Formula One at the end of 2021, but the rules would have to … I know that Red Bull and Renault have a difficult history. You can immediately use your account and comment on the news items. During the Eifel Grand Prix Renault managing director Cyril Abiteboul said he had not yet been approached by Red Bull. Without them, the entire circus loses value…. However, Horner has slowly started a charm offensive. Because it’s obviously something else the words suggest :-). Oct 5 2020. The next question, what about Pirelli.

Red Bull Racing knows since last week that it will have to look for a new engine supplier, if they want to stay in Formula 1 themselves, because Honda has announced that it will leave at the end of 2021. This is really shoddy behaviour by Red Bull but I think we should expect nothing less. That seems a long way off, but time is pressing for the Austrian team. We are going to develop more. This was also the case... Mercedes took their seventh consecutive world title in Imola.

It would only make sense for an independent engine supplier, as Red Bull would effectively be, if there was a freeze because it would just be impossible to fund the kind of development spend that goes on with these engines.”, “All that details needs to be fixed with Honda’s senior management,” he added. He is there since the beginning and his mishandling of the relationship with Renault is the main cause of this situation. Plan D. Both RB & AT leave F1……….and nobody to challenge the mercs……..brilliant, someone or something 24th October 2020, 19:50. It means there will only be 8 teams left on the grid….

I think this is a ploy to push for engine restrictions so they stick with the Honda engines and not lose face by going to Renault. Your activation email is on its way. The manufacturer is therefore committed to seeing out that deal rather than undertaking a rapid exit when this season is over, which gives Red Bull more time to establish what it does for its two teams. The future tech Honda seeks isn’t what F1 needs, Honda bombshell will leave teams scrambling for Verstappen. “To support AlphaTauri and Red Bull for their programme after 2021 in any way, we’re happy to cooperate. Therefore this course of action is a surprise to absolutely no-one. Therefore, we have not made a press release.". Looks like Renault has come a long way in terms of competitiveness (both chassis and PU). You will be logged out and redirected to the homepage. "Something like that does not correspond to the spirit of Formula 1. Start of qualifying delayed due to kerb repairs at Algarve, Sainz: “The fight for third keeps getting tougher”, Debris cost Bottas up to eight tenths of a second per lap, Safety Car pit stop for Perez was ‘safest and most logical’ decision at the time, “Very, very dangerous”: Vettel warned race control over near-miss with marshals, Vettel has gone a full year without a podium finish, Hamilton’s seventh title awaits after debris derails Bottas’s victory bid, Renault apologises to Ocon after fourth technical failure, Hamilton: Senna diamond trophy for Imola win is a “definitely a keeper”, Magnussen’s headache-inducing gearbox fault started in qualifying, if Red Bull or AlphaTauri do not have a power unit supply for 2022 agreed by June 1st next year, Norris apologises following Stroll and Hamilton comments, McLaren keen to see if Ferrari’s “very impressive” pace was a one-off, Norris: ‘Hamilton’s car should win every race, he only has to beat two drivers’, Racing Point expect better performance from Stroll at Imola after troubled return, Mercedes set to win constructors’ title at Imola, Hamilton’s coronation will have to wait, Browse all 2020 Portuguese Grand Prix articles, Read more about Keith Collantine, find all their articles and get in touch with them, Find out more about RaceFans and contact us here, Become a RaceFans Supporter to hide this ad and others. The Fishmonger re-opens at the Italian Club. The Japanese company committed to continuing in the sport following talks between its board and Red Bull motorsport boss Helmut Marko last week. Someone will have to correct me on that, though. This is a PR stunt from Horner to pressure FIA into freezing engine development (frankly, I don’t blame Renault for not wanting to supply Red Bull, I mean, look at how they are being treated by them), John Martin (@sprintcarfan) 24th October 2020, 16:46. However, Ferrari’s engine is the least competitive in the field this year after a series of rule clarifications, while Renault’s appears to be the next best after Mercedes. Got a potential story, tip or enquiry? Mercedes have little interest in supporting their strongest competitor, and no rule can force them to. No matter what Renault think about supplying Red Bull, the rules are clear. The Emilia Romagna Grand Prix took Formula 1 back to Italy for the third time this season. Therefore this course of action a surprise to absolutely no-one. However, it has grown its facility at Milton Keynes, has major technical resources and partners, and could use it to redistribute some staff given the incoming budget cap in 2021 will force it to scale back its race team. Now, put yourself in Cyril Abiteboul’s place and go and explain to the new CEO of Renault / Alpine that your customer, the Fizzy Drinks Guys, are better at designing, building and running a racing team that you are. I believe you’re correct. But most of the critic was very deserved.

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