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0 Likes. The punishment for this offense is dependent on the amount of fireworks in possession of the defendant upon arrest. A “dangerous” firework includes items like rockets and sparklers longer than ten inches or … Fireworks Bans. In fact, in Seaside, police will be flying drones to look for illegal fireworks on the Fourth. Only “Safe & Sane” fireworks are legal in California and may be sold within the city limits by non-profit organizations that meet the criteria stipulated in the guidelines below. Most offenses result in a misdemeanor punishable by: The sale and distribution of “dangerous” fireworks violates California Health and Safety Code 12767 which in return can be charged with other offenses. these illegal fireworks include: bottle rockets, M-80’s, In the entire state of California, certain types of fireworks are banned, including sky rockets, bottle rockets, Roman candles, aerial shells, firecrackers, and other fireworks that go into the air, explode, or move on the ground “in an uncontrollable manner.” Fireworks that don’t carry a “Safe and Sane” seal are illegal throughout the state and convictions can bring a $50,000 fine. It’s simply that citizens can’t set off their own fireworks. Los Padres National Forest also has a complete fireworks ban. In fact, Gilroy is the only area in Santa Clara County that allows safe and sane fireworks. The City of Rocklin has adopted a Zero Tolerance Any retailer selling safe and sane fireworks (who must be licensed by the state to make such sales) may sell the legal fireworks only from noon on June 28 through noon July 6 … Coronavirus has fizzled public Fourth of July fireworks shows everywhere but Gilroy, but sales of “safe and sane” fireworks are booming at firework stands across the Bay Area Any and all “safe and sane” fireworks in the state of California must display a “State of California, State Fire Marshall Registered Fireworks” seal. Despite this, the use of illegal fireworks increases every year. This can apply to California “safe and sane” fireworks as well if they violate the local fire codes. (Hashtags indicate unincorporated areas.). However, it remains just as important as ever to act in a responsible manner when using these fireworks. Some California communities and counties have banned "safe and sane" fireworks altogether. Although some fireworks are illegal, there are still “safe and sane” fireworks which can be purchased. These include San Bruno, Pacifica, Union City, Newark, Dublin, Gilroy, Seaside, Watsonville, Petaluma, Sebastopol, Rohnert Park and Cloverdale. Here are details about what the rules currently are in California. Policy regarding Illegal Fireworks. Which cities in California allow fireworks? But if you’re wondering where fireworks are banned and what’s going on with red flag warnings for the Fourth, we have all the details for you here. One of the hottest topics in California cities is FIREWORKS --the safe and sane ones. Questions? (916) 625-5000  /  Fax: (916) 625-5095 Fireworks in California: What You Need to Know for a Safe July 4th.

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