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Poor Robin's Almanack contained the lines: "Now thanks to God for Charles return, / Whose absence made old Christmas mourn.

The name change was in honor of the late Senator William "Pete" Knight. In the 17th century, the Puritans had laws forbidding the celebration of Christmas, unlike the Catholic Church or the Anglican Church, the latter from which they separated. Around Christmastime you are likely to hear the objection that Christmas is a Christo-pagan holiday, a mash-up of pagan beliefs and Christian celebration. And we indeed are glad that men should make merry at Crissmas; but in Exmas there is no merriment left." [12][13][14], Jeff Schweitzer, a commentator for The Huffington Post, addressed the position of commentators such as O'Reilly, stating that "There is no war on Christmas; the idea is absurd at every level. Schwarzenegger said at Knight's funeral that he would change the name back to Christmas tree. The Wheel of the Year holidays originate mostly from Celtic and Germanic pagan rituals, many moons ago. Powered by WordPress.

Origins of Pagan Holidays.

James VI commanded its celebration in 1618, but attendance at church was scant. For the brief cessation of hostilities during World War I, see. The modern Catholic has many fronts to defend, one of them being the so-called “pagan roots” of Christmas.

[62][63][64], Brimelow, O'Reilly and others claimed that any specific mention of the term "Christmas" or its religious aspects was increasingly censored, avoided, or discouraged by a number of advertisers, retailers, government (prominently schools), and other public and secular organizations. [73] Other recent court cases have brought up additional issues such as the inclusion of Christmas carols in public school performances, but none of these cases have reached the Supreme Court. Discover the real story of “Christ-mass” and the hidden truth about this “Christian” holiday. [3][4] Later, in the 20th century, Christmas celebrations were prohibited under the doctrine of state atheism in the Soviet Union. [103] The council responded to the criticism by stating that Christmas-related words and symbols were prominent in its publicity material: "there was a banner saying Merry Christmas across the front of the council house, Christmas lights, Christmas trees in the main civil squares, regular carol-singing sessions by school choirs, and the Lord Mayor sent a Christmas card with a traditional Christmas scene wishing everyone a Merry Christmas"[104], In November 2009, the city council of Dundee was accused of banning Christmas because it promoted its celebrations as the Winter Night Light festival, initially with no specific references to Christianity. [111], A 2011 school law stating that public schools should be non-confessional led to debate over what this meant for the tradition that schools gather in churches in December to celebrate Advent, Lucia or Christmas. [38] Puritans sought to remove elements they viewed as unbiblical, from their practice of Christianity, including those feasts established by the Anglican Church. [131], Some churches, sects, and communities of the Restoration Movement reject the observance of Christmas for theological reasons; these include Jehovah's Witnesses,[132] Armstrongites,[citation needed] the True Jesus Church, Church of God (7th-Day), the Iglesia ni Cristo, the Christian Congregation in Brazil, the Christian Congregation in the United States, the Churches of Christ, as well as certain reformed and fundamentalist churches of various persuasions, including some Independent Baptists[133] and Oneness Pentecostals.[134][135][136][137][138]. Back in the pagan day, all inanimate objects were fair game for worship. Reaction to such nomenclature has been mixed. In other cases, the Christmas tree,[69] as well as Nativity scenes, have not been permitted to be displayed in public settings altogether. [53] Dickens was not the first author to celebrate Christmastide in literature, but it was he who superimposed his humanitarian vision of the holiday upon the public, an idea that has been termed as Dickens's "Carol Philosophy". [125] The League of Militant Atheists organized alternate festivals "specifically to denigrate religious holidays" in the USSR. Why is Christmas celebrated on Dec. 25th? [42] The Restoration of King Charles II in 1660 ended the ban. The Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities (CRL Rights Commission), a chapter nine institution established in 2004, held countrywide consultative public hearings in June and July 2012 to assess the need for a review of public holidays following the receipt of complaints from minority groups about unfair discrimination. [25][26][27], In Christian belief, the teaching that God came into the world in the form of man to atone for the sins of humanity, rather than the exact birth date, is considered to be the primary purpose in celebrating Christmas; the exact date of the birth of Jesus of Nazareth is considered a non-issue. For centuries, it has been the subject of several reformations, both religious and secular. The CRL Rights Commission stated that they would submit their recommendations to the Department of Home Affairs, the Department of Labour, various Portfolio Committees and the Office of the Presidency by October 2012. The Yule log, (usually made from a piece of wood saved from the previous year) is burned in … It's Time for the Annual War on Christmas", "Merry Christmas, Oregon!

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