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Ole took charge of the Manchester United squad in the beginning of last year.

Tactical Analysis: Can Ole Gunnar Solskjaer rejuvenate Manchester United? He then returned to Molde in 2016 and led them to fifth place before finishing second in 2017 and 2018 after the serial champions Rosenborg. Nothing came of this on Saturday but it makes you wonder about potentially another way of United being able to play. First of all it’s very hard to press a central midfielder in the half-space. He only gave them half a job (win the ball)! Solskjaer was appointed at Molde in 2011 to start his managerial career. The below image show Solskjaer’s team pressing high in a 4-4-2 shape. © Sports-nova | Live Scores, Current Sports News, Articles and Quiz, Sports-nova | Live Scores, Current Sports News, Articles and Quiz.

For sure not. United play host to an inconsistent Arsenal on Sunday. Buy your copy of the April issue for just ₤4.99, , or even better sign up for a ₤50 annual membership (12 monthly issues plus the annual review) right, All Content © 2020 Total Football Analysis Magazine. It kinda worked.

Ole Gunnar Solskjær is philosophical about Manchester United lying in the bottom half of the table as they prepare for Sunday’s visit of Arsenal.

Young (white) should just pass him onto Pereira (yellow) at this point. This is therefore a striking difference to the target when pressing high where Solskjaer steers the play inwards where it’s far more advantageous to steal the ball. That’s a lot of dropping deep to handle the progression duties. United’s performances against PSG and Chelsea were more similar than they were different, but outcome bias leads us to think otherwise.

Who is United’s biggest aerial threat in the box? United just lost 6-1. Finally the striker has the responsibility to always create depth and threaten with runs in-behind the defense. But United could have taken one of their defensive midfielders off for a more two way player, giving them five attackers rather than four.

Mostly because he didn’t go with the XI that I would have went with. That created another interesting twist, as with Mata continuing to drop in from the right, and Fernandes now dropping in from the left, it left Paul Pogba free to make runs forward. Fred and McTominay in the middle? As you see below, Pereira has been easily beaten.

It’s amazing how much more dangerous you can look when you have two players adept at finding the half spaces. Solskjaer raised eyebrows again Saturday when he named the same team that defeated Newcastle seven days prior. It’s a funny label, tactical masterclass, as it only seems to get thrown out for very defensive performances, specifically ones where you don’t deserve to win. Football Manager, Sports Interactive and the Sports Interactive logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Sports Interactive Limited. Preferably, Young would have stayed in position, allowed Smalling to step up and picked up the run of Deulofeu. Cavani makes a run towards the near post to occupy the first defender and Pogba lurks in behind with a late run to the back post. Arsenal picked up a deserved three points at Old Trafford. It creates a lot of space centrally and good passing options for the player in possession. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is evidently a very good tactician and capable of implementing an attractive and dominant style of play.

When United did get men forward, things went a bit better. The tactical change worked! We’ve seen them all before from United and while the final score may have been 4-1, unless we know the plan was “keep it level for 70 minutes and then we can bring some game changers off the bench” it’s hard to definitively say that these tactics worked. Over the two games United could have just as easily scored two non-penalty goals as one. If he does, Solskjaer suddenly has options. Even when United got out on what looked like a break they didn’t exactly have a numerical advantage. How we label it is entirely down to the end result. Because McTominay and Fred struggle in games where they have the ball. He’s not good enough to be a number 8 and he can’t do what Matić does to really land as a number 6. No, they sat back and let McTominay and Fred have the ball. The tradeoff to that is that McTominay and Fred — and to a degree Fred and Matić — really struggle to progress the ball up the pitch. Then United would have been 4 vs 3 and could have let Smalling step out to Coutinho. Over the final 22 minutes United took nine shots with an xG of 0.77 (0.09 xG per shot). Smalling, as the ball-near centre-back, should move back into the position highlighted to defend the first-post area. In midfield it all depends on if Solskjaer will use a double-pivot with a number ten or a holder with two more advanced midfielders. The top flight of English football finally returns after a six-week break. There is not one Manchester United fan who saw Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s team selection on Saturday and actually felt better about United’s chances against Newcastle. If you love tactical analysis, then you’ll love the digital magazines from totalfootballanalysis.com – a guaranteed 100+ pages of pure tactical analysis covering topics from the Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga and many, many more. As Jones, Young and Smalling have all changed positions in this situation, United are already disorganised. Juan Mata’s intelligence in possession is a good option off the right wing with Anthony Martial sure to start on the left. And just like that you’re able to progress the ball and start running at defenders. He didn’t take defenders on, he just went back to Bruno. For as much heat as I got on The Busby Babe podcast last week, I took even more on a different podcast when I said I was more surprised that McTominay played well against Newcastle than I was that he played well against PSG. Solskjaer has been given the task to create some optimism at the club after their disastrous start to the season. (Telles did give us a lot to be excited about. As Abdoulaye Doucouré makes a run into this space, Paul Pogba (white) is forced to go with him. His positional sense, however, leaves a lot to be desired. Being published here means more exposure and recognition for you. The central midfielder is at its base with the full-back on the touchline and the winger and number ten as passing options centrally. This is due to the poorly synchronised collective movements out of possession, and the individual mistakes in terms of basic positioning made by so many of their defenders and central midfielders. Solskjaer wants his players to create passing triangles or diamonds as seen below. Against big clubs, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer stresses more on pressing play and counter attacks. Later on United win the ball back and Bruno lays it off to McTominay. A good coach is always looking to put his players in positions that play to their strengths to best guarantee success.

As you see below, Smalling (white) now provides cover for Dalot as Lanzini has received the ball on West Ham’s left.

Look at Smalling in particular who has dropped four yards deeper than his fellow centre-backs and plays Agüero and Silva onside. United didn’t completely shut PSG down, they still gave them opportunities (1.2 xG) but when they did, David de Gea was there. Solskjaer wants to have the ball and he wants his team to win it back quickly. Tactical Details: Counter-Attacking Football! With wingers on the touchline, the central attacking midfielder and the box-to-box midfielder moving in between the line, Ole has 5 players dedicated to attack. When they won the ball the instructions were simple as well: get the ball to Bruno Fernandes or Marcus Rashford or any of the good players and let them do their thing. Solskjaer needed to bolster up that defense and if that meant playing an extra defensive player he needed to do it. In honesty, United have had their best games when given about a week between games which tells us one of two things. It reads, from right to left, Smalling-Young-Matić-Shaw-Jones-Pogba. Tactically, Solskjaer didn’t have much of a choice. I took some heat on The Busby Babe podcast last week for being critical of United’s setup against PSG. Against big clubs, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer stresses more on pressing play and counter attacks. You’re going to create fewer chances, and you just have to make sure when you get a chance to create chances you... actually create them. Also he forms a back 4 with the central defensive midfielder positioned at the centre. Even worse, though, is the action of Lingard. Analysis: Everton enjoying a glorious start to the Premier League season, Analysis: Liverpool and their under-par start to the season. As Sterling plays the ball to Gündogan, the German has a great chance to play a one-touch pass to David Silva who is onside all alone just in front of goal due to Smalling’s ridiculous positioning.

In that scene the winger makes a move towards the channel behind the full-back forced to press Molde’s left-back. The obvious solution to the first problem is either push Paul Pogba up or drop him to bring in an extra defensive midfielder. As scared as United were of Havertz, Christian Pulisic, and Werner, Chelsea were afraid of James, Bruno, and Rashford exposing their own vulnerabilities on the break. There are four United players up against four Watford players.

Young (white) is immediately attracted to the Argentinian. After hesitating he booms this one in. the only problem was, i never set my set piece takers so Martial was scoring them.

In this tactical analysis I’ll look back on his tactics with Molde to see what his United might look like for the remainder of the season. The striker also has an important role by stretching the opponent’s defense which creates more space for the five midfielders to get on the ball in central areas. It still took Solskjaer another 12 minutes to bring on another attacking player in Mason Greenwood. He then has at least four players always moving around in the center looking for space. 25-year-old coach and analyst. He’s playing a bit more between the lines. It seems laughable when you remember this team defended so well positionally as a collective at home against Liverpool and away to Chelsea and PSG. As soon as McTominay drops into the back three here, Wan-Bissaka doesn’t even have to look at the ball, he knows Mata has dropped into midfield and McTominay is covering the flank, so he can just go forward. Sometimes the team also sets up in a 4-1-4-1 defensively. Nevertheless United put up another 0.23 xG in the eight minutes plus stoppage time that Greenwood was on the pitch, making you wonder how things could have fared had he been given 15-20 minutes.

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