logitech keyboard not typing letters

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What I did was I took the batteries out of the K800 and put them into a real Nickel Metal battery charger over night, and I left the K800 in the ON position to drain any capacitors etc. I have the same issue, on 2 yr old K800.

If your iPad iOS was recently updated to the latest version, we suggest you to go to the General Settings and assign the language/keyboard layout of your iPad to the one you're using before to make it work properly again. I have since purchased high quality Eneloop AA batteries and now my 6 year old K800 lasts forever between charges and works like a champ. The keyboard was expensive and it is challenging to struggle to get work done.

You can also feel free to contact our support team for direct assistance. This is getting to be an expensive waste of time. This is very validating as I am having the EXACT same issue that began about 4-5 months ago when my keyboard/case turned a year. I tried changing batteries, I removed batteries and let it sit, I turned it off multiple times and rebooted the system. I would like a replacement or refund.

I have been trying to figure out what is wrong and have been entirely unsuccessful at fixing, including trying this resync/software update.

My my IPAD was not recently updated.

When I typed in Google search "Keyboard is suddenly typing incorrectly" the output became "Ke2yb-olard i5s 5sudde2n-oyly typing inc-olrre2ct"

Once you done the troubleshooting suggested, please do not hesitate to let us know if it were able to get the issue sorted out. I’m in exactly the same position as Kesha. I need to submit a ticket also. Are you sure you can't get to the batteries? I'm trying one more and then switching brands.

Actually yes I did. Again this is very frustrating. I was entering EOM budget data when mine gave it up. Logitech needs to address this or do a product recall as it looks like several recent iOS updates have rendered it incompatible with the iPad. Same for me, a non-functioning keyboard with several keys stopped working. I have tried as recommended by Logitech support to reconnect the keyboard via Bluetooth, without any resolution to this problem. Any suggestions would be welcomed. In this article, we will focus on another common issue – keyboard typing wr… Very disappointing!!!! Restart both computer and keyboard, by powering them both OFF and back ON, Test to different computer (to replicate the issue). Steven. Can you please tell me how to submit a ticket. Generally speaking, a keyboard is a piece of peripheral equipment and it can be used for a few years without having any problems. As you can see, the issues are diverse. Please let me know how to get this fixed.

Well this time I am asking for help on my K800. It was submitted on 3/30 and the number is 2678265. I don't know that after reading through this thread in combination with my own experience that I would recommend a logitech product, especially considering the cost of this. However, I did what you recommended and the problem continues.

Tried the solution you recommended but did not fix the problem. Please advise! We apologize for the late response.

Try downloading and installing the Logitech Setpoint Software and use it to restore the keyboard into default. The Slim Folio keyboard is the only device connected and the keyboard continues to not type all the letters when I press them. Try it I guess. It's not even 4 years old yet.

Is this some hidden mode I accidentally enabled, or is this a dying keyboard?

This is very upsetting now that I am working from home due to COVID-19. No moisture and, as above, no way to access/replace the rechargeable batteries.

I've spent multiple thousands of dollars on Logitech products, so I need some help please. You can also feel free to contact our support team for direct assistance. Now, the keyboard has stopped typing many letters and numbers, despite me pressing them. The keyboard will type numbers from both the numbers pad and the function bar, but will not type letters at all. The keyboard hasn't been dropped or around any water.

Upon checking the ticket, I saw that one of our representative provided you a response.

DIFFERENCE:  You cannot get access to the interior.

IMHO, this should have lasted much longer than a year. Today when chatting with a friend in Skype the keyboard suddenly started typing incorrect letters and the backspace stopped working altogether.

No one has contacted me concerning this ticket number. Once you done the troubleshooting suggested, please do not hesitate to let us know if it were able to get the issue sorted out. If you have further inquiry, please do not hesitate to reach back to us or contact our support team for direct assistance.

I haven't had a problem with the keyboard until a couple of days ago. There is no debris that is preventing these keys from working when I hit them. I do realize this is a challenging time with COVID-19, however based upon these responses that I am receiving from Logitech, it shows that this just standard procedure.

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