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It is not hard to keep a potted tree alive long enough to plant, but you need to be careful in following these recommendations exactly to improve the tree's survival chances. While the tree is on your porch or garage, check for insects and insect egg masses. You don’t want to add transplant shock to the stress of an indoor stay. Remember that a living Christmas tree is much heavier than a cut tree, and that although some people may be able to afford, display, and plant a rather large tree… Cupressus macrocarpa ‘Wilma Goldcrest’.

All Rights Reserved. He is a member of the Society of American Foresters. ThoughtCo uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. A trio of trees calls for simplicity—just one type of ornament on each. Felted yarn balls, thick wool yarn, and a string of lights give this grouping a touch of modern Scandinavian style. Your tree won’t survive if you choose the prettiest option, only to find out it likes the sunny south and you live in New England. newgrowth.com or 800/605-7457. Tree: Limber pine (Pinus flexilis ‘Vanderwolf’s Pyramid’). Zones A2, A3; 1–10, 14–17. Zones 3b–9, 14–24. For those with a serious plant addiction, a tree hung with terrariums is meta-festive. Display the tree indoors no longer than 10 days, keeping it … Zones A2, A3; 1–10, 14–17.

Get fresh recipes, wine pairings, weekend getaway ideas, regional gardening tips, home design inspiration, and more. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our, How to Choose a Living Christmas Tree for a Festive Season, – Pinus flexilis ‘Vanderwolf’s Pyramid’. Visit your nearest lawn and garden supply store and purchase a spray with an anti-desiccant or anti-wilt chemical to minimize needle loss. For one, it can be inside only from four to 10 days. For every $1 donation, American Forests (americanforests.org) plants a tree. This tub confines water and needles into a more manageable and cleanable space. Go ahead, gild that little tree. Place the tree in its container in a large galvanized tub or a comparable item, keeping the root ball intact. If you intend to plant it outdoors eventually, choose a variety that thrives in your climate. Decor: Rock candies, $12/set of 12; hammondscandies.com. Tuck in twigs spray-painted gold and doused with glitter for extra shimmer. It’s always nice to bring in some greenery during the cold, dark winter months. SUNSET is a registered trademark Tree: Bosnian pine (Pinus heldreichii leucodermis). After a couple of difficult years, and a challenging off-season, we considered taking a year off to recover. Use it while the tree is in the garage. Support a Forest Global ReLeaf, a tree planting program sponsored by American Forests, has planted more than a million conifer seedlings this past year in 14 reforestation projects around the West, including in areas ravaged by wildfires. Look for landscape-grade trees (not sheared), in 5-, 7-, and 15-gallon cans, and transplant into a decorative container. | Updated December 6, 2019, Photography by Steve Terrill/Corbis Images, Fresh vs. A living holiday tree looks even prettier in a basket: Place its trunk inside a bucket, well-secured with large rocks and filled with water, then place the bucket inside a burlap-lined basket. Trade glass icicles for a sweeter variety: rock candies in bright colors, hung with embroidery thread wrapped around their wooden handles. Carefully introduce tree back outside using the reverse procedure of keeping it in your garage for a few days, and then plant it in the ground. No matter the climate, you'll want to know where the tree will go to ensure that it will thrive (with the proper soil, sun, etc.). Plants are 1 to 2 feet tall, 2 to 3 years old; they’re gift wrapped using recyclable containers and ribbons. Picea glauca albertiana ‘Conica’. Gradually over time, introduce your living tree from outside to inside. If it's a b-n-b tree, you'll need mulch and a bucket to bring it indoors. A tree that is dormant and exposed to immediate warmth will start to grow. Here’s how to choose, decorate, and care for a living tree during the holidays. Clear lights and a fiberclay pot keep the look unfussy. By using ThoughtCo, you accept our, A Complete Christmas Tree Care and Buyers Guide, How to Make Your Own Christmas Tree Preservative, Basic Tree Planting - Frequently Asked Questions, How to Keep Your Christmas Tree Free of Bugs, How to Correctly Transplant a Tree Seedling, How to Maintain a Tree Through the Next Decade, How to Keep Your Christmas Tree Fresh All Season, Essential Tree Care Tips - Keep Your Tree Healthy, The Most Popular Types of Christmas Trees, Growing and Caring for Norfolk Island Pine, B.S., Forest Resource Management, University of Georgia. Abies lasiocarpa ‘Glauca Compacta’ is a pretty silver species that makes an outstanding living Christmas tree. Decor: Hanging sphere vases, $11; paxtongate.com. Using a Living Christmas Tree With the Intention to Replant. Picea pungens ‘Baby Blue’. Never overwater beyond moist. The most eco-friendly Christmas tree is one that lasts for years.

Fill any empty space around and on top of the root ball with mulch to retain as much moisture as possible. This pine is native to the Balkans, and makes a lovely living holiday tree. Local nurseries will have potential conifers that can be purchased several months in advance for delivery near Christmas.

Best in Zone 17. You'll also need to reverse the acclimation process exactly to plant the tree after the holiday celebration.

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