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There’s a whole other article to be written about the ways in which Bly Manor elegantly embraces and updates the tropes of Gothic literature, but two that the series absolutely knocks out of the park are 1) the use of doubling and 2) the concept that, that which is repressed or locked away will come back to haunt you. Enjoy that easy silence with him. Following the basic narrative of Turn of the Screw, Bly Manor stars Victoria Pedretti as Dani, an American woman who takes a job at a manor in the English countryside as the au pair to two orphaned children, Flora (Amelie Bea Smith) and Miles (Benjamin Evan Ainsworth). When Viola awoke in the afterlife, she discovered she was trapped along with her finery, locked in her sickbed until the day came that her daughter opened the chest. Bly Manor builds on their story. During a 17th century flashback in the show's penultimate episode, we learn that sisters Perdita and Viola used to rule Bly. She would sleep, she would wake, and she would walk. Isolated and alone; again, she would sleep, and wake, and walk. Dani’s journey to becoming the Lady in the Lake offers a tremendous transformation of both.

Soon after, Arthur left town, and in his absence Perdita could take no more, smothering her own sister to death. We finally see the Lady in action at the end of Episode 4, but out of frame and out of focus, the Lady trudges behind a drunken Dani while the kids hurry to distract their au pair from danger.

© 2020 Collider Cryptomedia, Inc. All Rights Reserved. After Arthur dumps the chest of jewels into Bly's lake, Viola takes up residence there. After marrying a man named Arthur Lloyd, Viola falls ill, and — fed up with tending to her sister for so many years — Perdita eventually murders her. She was a ghost that both Miles and Flora were scared of. In doing so, she allowed Viola’s spirit to become one with her, setting free all the spirits trapped on the Bly grounds, and freeing Miles from Peter in the process. That last act of rage sealed her fate, and when Arthur and Isabelle left Bly for good, they dropped the chest, and Viola along with it, into the lake, believing it was cursed. But all those threads tie together in the story of the Lady in the Lake, a figure that looms large in the menace of Bly Manor from the first episode, but only truly reveals her full form and function in the penultimate episode, The Romance of Certain Old Clothes. The Haunting of Bly Manor is now streaming on Netflix. Meanwhile, ill-luck fell on Bly and their riches ran out, and after pleading with Arthur to open the chest Viola left behind, Perdita took it upon herself. In this telling, it’s the cunning elder sister, Viola, who wins his hand, but as the narration tells us, she quickly grew restless after claiming her prize, and at night she would stray from her marital bed. As it was in James’ tale, both sisters shared a love of fashion and finery as well as great affection for Arthur, and he for them, but he could only choose one.

She would emerge from the lake at night and walk through the house, looking for her daughter.

But after witnessing how Peter took possession of Miles’ body, Dani made a Hail Mary play and shouted, “It’s You, it’s me, it’s us” at the Lady.

While she also had a younger sister, Perdita, it was Viola who dominated the house, the business and majorly enjoyed the lavishness it provided. It's all wrapped up in what seems to be familiar, but that familiarity goes away really early in the first episode.". She begins haunting the grounds in search of her daughter, but as her memory (and features) fade, she forgets who she was looking for. Fans of Henry James will be delighted that The Romance of Certain Old Clothes lives up to its title and is a complete adaptation in its own right; a ghost story within a ghost story. In episode 8, "The Romance of Certain Old Clothes, her character Viola Willoughby, also known as the lady by the lake, was revealed and so was the origin of the ghostly woman who has haunted Bly Manor for nearly 400 years. Mysteries and spooky happenings abound in the dark corners of the manor, staging an intricate tapestry of overlapping ghost stories, from the ill-fated lovers Rebecca, aka Miss Jessell (Tahirah Sharif), and Peter (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) to the devoted housekeeper Mrs. Grose (T’Nia Miller) and the many faceless spirits trapped in Bly’s spiritual “glue trap”. In fact, Dani had many good years, which she spent in a beautiful relationship with Jamie (Amelia Eve), the stoic and straightforward Bly gardener. Click the button below and wait for a message from our Facebook bot in Messenger! In the mythology of the show, all fade over time, including spirits; their memories, personalities, and even their faces. Arthur pled for her soul, but Perdita stood by her sister’s will. She loves enough to let go. The story told around town was that death came for her nightly until, after being rejected too many times, it would come for her no more.

Over the centuries, she caught a number of poor souls in her path – to name a few, a plague doctor, a small child, and of course, Peter, all of whom became trapped in the “gravity” of Viola’s cursed existence, and thus, trapped as ghosts at Bly Manor. We get glimpses at the Lady, and the lake, throughout the season. It’s also might just be the best original piece of Gothic storytelling since people were still wearing petticoats. "I think of [The Turn of the Screw] as the backbone of this season — the through line that carries us from beginning to end," Bly Manor creator Mike Flanagan explained to GamesRadar+ in 2019. But she grew sicker and sicker, in spirit and body, and knowing the end would eventually come, she locked away her best gowns and jewels as a nest egg for their her daughter and made her husband swear a vow that he would never open the chest until Isabelle was of age to claim her birthright. Taking us back to the middle of the 17th century, the episode introduces us to Viola (Kate Siegel) and her younger sister Perdita (Catherine Parker), heirs to Bly Manor who were orphaned when their father died, and quickly set about ensuring the estate would stay in the family by wooing a wealthy suitor named Arthur Floyd. But when the time does come, years and years from now, mind you, it will be hard every day and it won’t get easier. The birth of their beloved daughter, Isabelle, brought joy to Viola’s life, but it was tragically short-lived.

The Lady became her “beast in the jungle,” and she fought it as long as she could, but when she one day woke from a dream to find her hands wrapped around Jaime’s neck, she realized she could no longer risk it.

And they’ll be silly and dumb or they’ll be sad and you’ll cry for hours, but there will still be a piece of him and you’ll hold him tight. The Haunting of Bly Manor is a sweeping, epic love letter to Gothic romance, but it’s not just an adaptation. Though Henry James' 1898 horror novella The Turn of the Screw served as the primary inspiration for The Haunting of Bly Manor, the Lady in the Lake comes from another of the author's works.

This is where the The Romance of Certain Old Clothes ends — except that it's Perdita, not Viola, who first marries Arthur and meets her demise. 2020 Bustle Digital Group. Instead, she kills anyone in her path and drags them into the lake, leaving their spirits trapped on the grounds for eternity. And oh boy, that danger becomes imminently clear in the next episode, when we witness Peter’s death at the hands of the Lady in the Lake, who rounds the corner on her ritual walk, snatches him by the neck, snuffs out his life without missing a step, and drags his body back into the water with her. But eventually, after some time, you’ll find little moments, little pieces of your life that remind you of him.

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