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[1][18] Some Sanskrit texts whose original and all translations have been lost in India, have been located in China - for example, Jin Qi Shi Lun is a surviving translation of Sankhya-Karika. The existence of deities like Ganesha in the cave temples and other arts depicting Hinduism have been seen.

Population of China: today, … [6]. We will be happy to have you on board as a blogger, if you have the knack for writing. [19], Ancient Hindu Sanskrit inscriptions, a language typically not used to spread Buddhism in China, have also been found in Yunnan province. Ancient Chinese records as well as modern archaeological studies prove the presence of Hinduism in several regions of China: The Chinese texts from the 2nd through the 12th centuries AD suggest some 150 scholars focused on translating various Hindu Sanskrit texts into Chinese. [30] They were made in the South Indian style, and share close similarities with 13th-century temples constructed in the Kaveri Delta region in Tamil Nadu. These have been adopted by China and can be witnessed in the form of yoga, stupas and [10] Many Indians in China are students, traders and professionals employed with MNCs, Indian companies and banks. This page was last edited on 23 October 2020, at 00:30.

A Balinese Hindu temple is also been planned to built in China. They had played an important role for the development of Hong Kong in early days. [30] Many are currently on display in the Quanzhou museum, and some have become a part of Buddhist temple—Kaiyuan Temple. ", Some examples of influence by Hinduism on ancient Chinese religion included the belief of "six schools" or "six doctrines" as well as use of Yoga, stupas (later became pagoda in East Asia). Belief in the Yaksha made its way to China through the Lotus Sutra, which was originally translated into Chinese by Dharmaraksa around 290 CE, before being superseded by a translation in seven fascicles by Kumārajīva in 406 CE. 6, No. As retribution for supporting the Ispah rebellion, Chen's provincial armies exterminated most of the Tamil Indians, the small remainder of them who survived were deported to other parts of the Quanzhou region like Jinjiang or Nan'an or further south of Fujian. Hindus will become the world’s third largest population by 2050, while India will overtake Indonesia as the country with the largest Muslim population, according to a new study. India accounts for 94.3% of the total Hindu population in the world with over 973.75 million Indians practicing Hinduism in 2010. They are a generally peaceful people who cooperate well with local Chinese authorities, and are permitted to safely practice their faith throughout the country, even in mainland China. Hindu communities, particularly through Tamil merchant guilds of Ayyavole and Manigramam once thrived in medieval south China. A very common sight of Hindu way of living in Chinese culture is the popularly seen influence of the six- school belief. Other sources report more with a columnist for the Economic Times stating that the number of Indians in China was 45-48,000 in 2015. In 1271, a visiting Italian merchant recorded that the Indians “were recognised easily.” “These rich Indian men and women mainly live on vegetables, milk and rice,” he wrote. If 1/3 of the world’s population was centered in Asia (namely China and India) 1,000 years ago, it makes sense that roughly 1/3 would also be located there now! 464-495 AD)—founder of the Shaolin Monastery—and Bodhidharma—founder of Chan/Zen Buddhism. As of period 2015-20, India's fertility rate is 2.24 compare to 1.69 of China. Many Indians in China are students, traders and professionals employed with MNCs, Indian companies and banks. A huge piece of land was earmarked in Foshan in 2007, which is intended to not only house the temple but also be home to an Indian cultural centre. Hinduism is commonly practiced by a small fraction of the citizens of China. Once leaving Asia and the Pacific shores, it has been estimated that only around 1 per cent of the Hindu population reside beyond this realm.

The population growth dynamics and the factors that allowed for larger families and a more abundant food supply are still present in these two population-heavy nations. [11] During this influence and synthesis of ideas, some terms were mapped into pre-existing concepts - raksasas as luocha, others terms were introduced - pisacas in Hinduism as pishezuo in Chinese. Yijing translated few Harivamsa hymns meant for goddess Durga, but associated them with goddess Sarasvati. Thanks for an interesting and informative blog on the cultural and religious links between India and China from an historical perspective. Cookie Policy at any time. Tamil merchant guilds of Manugramam and Ayyavole resided in the southern regions of China. The Yaksha (Chinese: 夜叉) originally from Hindu history, are a class of nature ghosts or demons.

Another example of influential translations is credited to Yijing's translation of hymns from Harivamsa from 1st to 3rd century AD, which is well known account of god Krishna and an appendix to the Hindu Epic Mahabharata. Even though Hinduism originated within the Indian culture, the impact of the Vedic tradition on China is felt in the country's culture.

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