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However get it wrong & you’re in trouble, you might end up looking like a bit of a perv & if not styled & controlled you’ll just look plain scruffy . $4.95 - $11.25 #13.

There's a problem loading this menu right now. 4 Pack Father's Moustache Wax Neutral.

The Bearded Goon's Ridiculously Strong Beard and Handlebar Mustache Wax - 1oz (30ml) 4.1 out of 5 stars 1,000. I hope you found this article helpful! Medium Hold Moustache Wax for Men | Primary Moustache Wax | Moustache Styling Wax | All-Natural Ingredients | 1 Oz. Too often (usually early on), guys use too much mustache wax in attempt to glue their mustache down.

Before you really get length on it, take a little (I mean little) bit of mustache wax and pull the hairs down and to the side. In this post we’re going to talk about growing a mustache & once it’s grown the best handlebar mustache wax out there to help style it. Their hold will also usually be stronger so you can style your mustache & it will help hold up the ends when you curve them upward.

ZEUS Mustache Styling Kit for Men - Mega Hold Styling Wax + Saw-Cut Mustache Comb! Consider moustache wax.

we respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously, Extra Firm Hold Mustache Wax from Firehouse, Best Hair Concealer – A great way to cover thinning hair, Best wooden beard comb – Top 5 Wooden combs to tame your mane. Only takes a moment. This wax is of good quality and can be used for any type of mustache you decide to grow, especially a handlebar.

The ingredients used make it a good wax to use even in a very humid and hot climate. Here's a video to demonstrate how: Having a handlebar mustache is great, but trust me, there is nothing worse than having a handlebar and not having your mustache wax nearby.

These moustache styles are named for their resemblance to the handlebars of a bicycle.

If you struggle with uneven sides or some rogue hairs, you'll want to trim some of that away to give your mustache shape. Too often, usually out of excitement from having what's quickly turning into a magnificent handlebar mustache, guys try to curl the ends too early! Mustache Wax 2 Pack - Beard & Moustache Wax for Men - Strong Hold Helps Train Tame & Style (Citrus, 2 pack), Mustache Wax by Mountaineer Brand (2oz) | All-Natural Beeswax and Plant-Based Oils for Moustache | No Petroleum Chemicals | Original Cedar Fir Scent, Death Grip Mustache Wax Strong Hold for Moustache, Fisticuffs Strong Hold Mustache Wax 1 OZ. Applying this wax is super easy, it’s pretty soft when applying however when you expose it to air it seems to turn into concrete, ideal for a handlebar mustache. These days, a lot of guys are opting to style their mustache, it’s pretty important right…first of all, your mush is slap bang in the middle of your face, get it right & it will compliment your face & your mug might even improve a little. Getting the Viking Revolution Mustache Wax 2 Pack is a serious win-win situation on a number of levels, sit back and let the convincing begin. If you struggle with uneven sides or some rogue hairs, you'll want to trim some of that away to give your mustache shape.

Very worse case you don't like it and you trim it back down. What do you have to lose? If you are not looking for something that has a very serious hold you should avoid this wax and go for a more daily use wax such as the Canyouhandlebar primary wax. Mustache wax is an incredible tool to use to create a unique look to your mustache, and really set your beard apart from everyone else. (3 Pack! I know I just told you to train your hairs early, which you definitely should. Neutral Shade for All Color Hair. Get the BEST Moustache Wax KIT with a 2.9 inch Comb at BEST Price, Save money ordering these Natural products!

By: Spencer Bryce| Last Updated:December 04, 2018. Once you have some good lengh on your mustache and you can start to curl the ends up, you may run into the common issue of the sides not wanting to curl up in the same way. Do this every day and as they grow out they will lay down much easier.

To style your mustache you should avoid using hairspray and other fancy gels on and basically stick to wax. One of the main things to look for in a mustache is whether it is scented or not, it’s quite important to some guys, especially as your mustache is pretty close to the nose.

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