Jak jsem byl v roce 1989 ve vězení

Yes the world is a global village, and there is nothing wrong with culture sharing. And yet, they don’t even know the origins of Valentine’s Day. We don’t like them. Face2Face Africa is black owned and operated. Historically, Halloween Africa’s ‘smart reopening’ through technology is urgent for AfCFTA, Italian ministers’ visit to Tunis marks step forward in cooperation on illegal immigration, Ubuntu – Africa’s gift to a fractured world, Top Banker Tidjane Thiam ‘astonished’ by Black janitor act at party, Mali junta overthrows Keita and promises elections, Lazarus Chakwera: Doing God’s work in another capacity, Time for Nigeria to break restrictive trade shackles, Nigeria’s history of outstanding sports performance. And so, this year, Halloween came to Ghana big-time – thanks to the actress, Juliet Ibrahim, who organised a Halloween fancy dress party for celebrities. Yes, this is how Ghanaian and other African societies behave towards witches. If Halloween came to Ghana from Nigeria for example, Ghanaians would call it “juju”, evil, occult. Africans are now spending so much money on Valentine’s Day like there is no tomorrow. And so we now find it acceptable to dress up as a witch or a ghost or even a devil on 31 October.

momentum, and fancy dress Halloween parties are springing up all over during Halloween Something never to be practised! Today, there are more churches across Africa than you will find in Europe. At the time I met Akos, she was skinny from maltreatment, whereas her cousins (her aunt’s children) were plump, if not overweight. Halloween, a tradition rooted in Indo-European customs, never had a chance to become a tradition in South Africa, as Western culture in South Africa was established by the Dutch - the descendants of Germanic (Teutonic) people who renounced most pagan and Catholic traditions when they became Protestants in the 16th Century. Does this make sense? It is so hypocritical the way we are killing our beliefs, traditions and cultures to buy into anything that comes from outside Africa. The tradition of Trick-or-Treating most likely dates back to the early All Souls' Surely this is a clue to what Halloween has come to signify in these modern times? I personally noticed a few years ago that within the expatriate community in Ghana, people were beginning to celebrate this festival they had brought with them, to … So much for when in Rome do as the Romans do! Elizabeth Johnson is a Ghanaian –Nigerian avid reader and lover of the Creative Arts. Ghanaians would have said: “What? is a yearly holiday observed around the world on October 31.
and martyrs. Halloween's traditional colors are black and orange, and these Her play has been staged by African Theater Workshop and she is the 2018 winner of the Random Thoughts writing Prize. But not everything coming from outside our continent is positive. All they know is that, come 31 October, they dress up in ghoulish fashion and hit the streets, trick or treating for children and organising Halloween parties for adults. Frankenstein and The Mummy. Back in Ghana and elsewhere in Africa, people will tell you that when they perform a “traditional wedding” ceremony, that it is a mere “engagement”. Trick-or-Treaters visits the houses in their community To cut a long story short, let’s just say that if I had not intervened, this young girl would have continued to live with a relative who perceived her as a witch and thus would have continued to maltreat her. Over the years, the celebration of Halloween has changed from its original roots. South African Attractions, Events and Things to do -. In the 1920's and 1930's, the tradition of Trick-or-Treating was If they don’t get a treat, we should advise our children to play a trick on our neighbours?

for the beggars' promise to pray for their dead relatives.

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