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Finally, “grave” also has other meaning, like “flat” (low tone in music), or “weird / awful” (as an adjective, in youth slang) or “yup, totally / I agree” (on its own, in slang), but it’s another topic entirely . “pull another one” = et la marmotte fai(te)s qoi ? The translation is more or less literal on this expression, and you can do no wrong in using it when dazzled or surprised!

After logging in you can close it and return to this page. “Tu veux encore manger ? “Faire chier” means something is annoying and/or boring! Did you get your raise? ), Notice that this informal French phrase is similar to #2, however there is a slight nuance in the meaning of this particular expression. I will defenetely use it next chance I get! We spend a lot of money on our holidays.

A synonym for “faire chier” is C’est chiant. Note that this is technically the formal conjugation of the verb “to go” (aller) but in such a context, even when talking with just one friend, you would use it in this form, due to the fact that it also means “Let’s go!” (Note that it is common to hear this word in the bleachers of a sports event: C’mon!

Our French library has all kinds of goodies for French language learners: cartoons, music videos, interviews, YouTube videos, educational clips and more. makes no sense, but that’s english for you.many thanks for all your videos! C’est un site gratuit qui t’envoie une expression par jour, avec une explication du sens et de l’etymologie. J’ai lu cette expression dans un livre: “pétez le feu” pour “depechez vous.” Ça me fait beaucoup rire.

Va savoir pourquoi ! Merci Elżbieta de partager avec nous des blagues de ton pays ! We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe, Sign up for our weekly blog newsletter for a chance to win a free FluentU Plus subscription (value $240), Get regular language learning tips, resources and updates, starting with the "Complete Guide to Foreign Language Immersion" e-book. Word vos documents de façon à éviter des idiomes, cliché ; s. Examples are used only to help you translate the word or expression searched in various contexts. All rights reserved. So here’s the first 25 French expressions and slang words you don’t learn in French class (unless your French teacher is awesome). avoir la tête en ailleurs idiom. ), This is a perfect little expression to use after the conversation has strayed from the original topic, and literally means “let’s get back to our sheep!” It actually means “Let’s get back to the subject at hand!” or “Let’s get back to the point!”. après moi, le déluge lit. Like English, French has its share of filler words, and enfin is commonly used as such, to a certain degree. Elle a donné sa démission, et ne répond plus à mes textos! I love the one about the chocolate and the cow !

For the conventional use of the term, see Appellation d'origine contrôlée appetence 1. Thanks for sharing this, Klaudia. You’re really special!”, Finally, it can be an adverb in a sentence, use like the adverb vraiment, “really.”. (Forget it…The company went bankrupt!). in Poland we hv exactly the same expression regarding to Milka ad! These examples may contain colloquial words based on your search.

T’es grave, toi !”“You want to eat again? For instance, you could say:Ça poutre, ça pète, ça envoie…And with “ça envoie” (“it’s sending / emitting / throwing / launching…” = “It’s awesome”), we can send many things depending on the local variation, still with the same exact meaning:Ça envoie du pâté = “that’s sending some pâté.”Ça envoie du steak = “it’s launching some steaks.”Ça envoie du lourd = “that’s emitting some weight.”Ça envoie du bois = “that’s throwing some wood.”Ça envoie du poney = “That’s hurling a piece of poney.”.

Let out a little, exasperated allez! From just this phrase, I don’t see any. To help you get there, we’ve racked our brains and put together a list of 20 informal, everyday French phrases and expressions. Hi, Geraldine – love these expressions, thank you! Click here to get a copy. ), “Oh C’mon!” This interjection is the best way to communicate impatience with someone. Une marmotte est assis en prison parce du papier d’alu a été volé.

Offer to go with him/her to a movie or  to a café to grab a cappuccino. ), C’est n’importe quoi ! The phrase “Watcha doin’?” would be the best way to portray the laid-back style of this French phrase. ), Bref is only ever used to summarize something or to give one’s final impression of something after a lengthy story has been told, and it’s an easy little word to recall, due to that the English equivalent is almost the same: in brief. Et la marmotte elle fait (our faisait) quoi pendant ce temps?” quand qq’un raconte qq’ch difficile à croire. J’ai été pliée de rire.

As in another useful colloquial expression: J’ai la flemme, I’m feeling lazy. ), This phrase means “for whatever reason”/”God knows why”/ “your guess is as good as mine!”. I’m working hard to prepare a new course for you, ("to keep the head cool") se creuser la tête / les méninges. It can also mean “Sound good?” So, whenever you get a marvelous idea for a Saturday afternoon or evening, tack this on at the end as a way of politely asking your friends if they’re interested.

If you’re far away from France, or would simply prefer to learn French phrases at home in your pajamas, we’ve got you covered with awesome authentic resources. As in “It’s not a problem, it doesn’t matter.” Used by respectable grownups . The response to this question is merely an abbreviation of the phrase comme d’habitude, meaning “as usual.” A common expression, comme d’hab can be used in place of the standard comme d’habitude in virtually any informal setting. Oh non, encore des bouchons, ça fait chier!“Oh no, yet another traffic jam, it’s pissing me off!”. When you want to say that something sucks, you use ça craint! expression exprime manifestation terme formule. Trois expressions savoureuses à ajouter, que j’ai entendu dans le Sud-Est :1/ il y a un trou dans la raquette = il y a un problème2/ les cochons sont dans le maïs = il y a un gros problème3/ la cabane est tombée sur le chien = il y a un gros problème, Your communiqués are delightful.Thank you.Ney. © 2020 Enux Education Limited. Avez-vous une autre idee?

I’m confused, too.

The More You Know:You can use another common colloquial expression for any feeling that causes you discomfort: Je crève de… (“I’m dying from…”)Je crève de faim = I’m sooo hungry.Je crève de chaud = I’m feeling sooo hot.Je crève de froid = I’m so coldJe crève de sommeil = I’m so sleepy… (or Je tombe de sommeil for a less colloquial version.). Hi Sylvia, did you figure this one out? Which one is your favorite? “c’est la fin des haricots”pourquoi il n’y a pas une liaison ici? I didn’t know the ad was used all around Europe! (“Pas loin” is often used with incorrect, casual grammar. colloquial. Nous ne sommes pas si differents quand meme … . The untranslatable ones, the funny ones, the ones from popular culture… I look forward to helping you understand them! “Avoir la mémoire d’un poisson rouge.

It’s great! La France me manque. Positive French Expressions. London WC1R 4HQ. Can’t find explanations about this anywhere, “Do you want to see my rackets?” is not a common expression, it’s just a question… But a lot of everyday sentences can be given a sexual connotation in context, with tone and looks. Definitely the most widely used French swear word. “J’ai dit une drôle de chose?” j’ai demandé en rigolant aussi. “Keep me up to date!” This is the perfect French phrase to use as you’re waiting to see how things play out in a friend’s life. Bonjour, Géraldine! It doesn’t necessarily sound like something we are, but something that happens to us, like the flu. There are a lot of other ways to say “Ça déchire” / “It’s awesome.” When three French people befriend each other, they seem to create yet another unique synonym for it. Then I might be asked, ‘funny peculiar or funny haha?’, Hi Heather,I’d use “drôle” that means funny in both ways. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc, or its affiliates.

I’m talking about French colloquial expressions we all use without even thinking about them. That’s a lot and I know you don’t have time to discover all of them immediately.

Mon portable a presque plus de batterie, ça me soûle.My phone is dying, that’s frustrating. J’adore ! Therefore, in the form of a question, it simply means “How’s life? -> You’re truly amazing! Each video is subtitled so that you can follow along without any hangups. Thank you Geraldine!! ), Laisse tomber…L’entreprise a fait faillite ! be … A decent alternative to the overused adjective, nul. Meaning “well,” it’s slightly more refined than “eeuuuh” (uhhhh), but still, in many cases, doesn’t necessarily change the meaning of the sentence. Thanks for subscribing! © 2013-2020 Reverso Technologies Inc. All rights reserved. It can also be an adjective. Download Learn French + for free on your iPhone or iPad.

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