eddy current testing limitations

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Low frequencies are often employed to locate corrosion on the subsurface of the metal layers, which are unable to be detected by other methods such as ultrasonic testing. The coil generates a changing magnetic field using an alternating current, which interacts with the component generating eddy currents. In order to successfully assess flaws or any of the below factors, we must be able to minimize the effect of other factors on the results. The RFT method has the advantage of allowing nearly equal sensitivities of detection at both the inner and outer surfaces of a ferromagnetic tube. To mitigate the impacts of these undesirable eddy currents, inductive coils in electronics are often used to minimize flow.

It is often applied for surface crack detection and material sorting. Limitations unique to testing ferromagnetic materials are highlighted.

Areas with potential for further research and development are also identified. The primary use for eddy current testing is to determine if a material has surface or subsurface flaws. By visiting this website, certain cookies have already been set, which you may delete and block.

Notice the spike in the eddy current signal, confirming that there is a defect in the component. ID eddy-current inspection can be beneficial if testing and data interpretation are reliable. Due to variation in permeability and conductivity, defect place will generate different amplitude . Corrosion can be detected by eddy current testing and if the metal has thinned. Because testing is conducted from the inside of the tube, it is difficult to verify the nature and size of discontinuities. As mentioned, bolt hole inspection using specific probes is very common, and they can either be done by hand or with a rotary scanning system.

Plastics and other non conductive materials cannot be tested with this method. The main factors are: The conductivity of a material has a very direct effect on the eddy current field. Check out the November 2020 edition of Quality: Training in the age of COVID-19, SPC intangibles, future-proof your quality system, gages for screw thread inserts and much more! This webinar will discuss the creation of dynamic collaborative zones where industrial robots and humans work together. Eddy current testing instruments must also always be calibrated to the proper standards for each test. Differential probes are sometimes used, particularly in automated applications to give enhanced sensitivity to small defects by ignoring large differences.

Eddy current testing (ECT) as a technique for testing finds its roots in electromagnetism. Figure 6 demonstrates the industries that this technique can be used in, the application types and what type of probe you would use to complete your eddy current inspection. The presence of any flaw will cause a change in the eddy current field and a corresponding change in the phase and amplitude of the measured signal. Depth only can be estimated using phase angles/amplitudes of the signals developed from a reliable reference standard. Friedrich Forster, the one who had adapted eddy current technology during the war, went on to found the Forster Group, which made advancements in developing ECT technologies. Coil produces magnetic field when supplied with the AC and magnetic field will oscillate with some frequency. This provides the best resolution for surface testing. Understanding the strengths and limitations of this testing technique is critical. All Rights Reserved BNP Media. Variations in the phase and magnitude of these currents are monitored either by using a second coil, or by measuring changes to the current flowing in the excitation coil. Changes in the thickness of the metal or surface cracks, for example, will interrupt this pattern and the field. Neither situation need arise if known limitations are recognized. With the right solution and approach, eddy current and ultrasound can find more flaws safer and at times quicker than other NDT techniques, such as magnetic particle testing or liquid penetrant testing. This signal declines with a greater depth of penetration.

Other times, the use of multiple probes can help achieve a better resolution and penetration to detect flaws. Material sorting is used to ensure that the proper materials are in use and to verify component materials or assembly features (such as the orientation or position of a subcomponent in an assembly). Skilled operators are needed to understand the instruments of the ECT testing process and detect issues with materials.

Higher frequencies reduce the depth of penetration and increase the phase difference between near and far defects making it easier to detect and differentiate smaller defects; lower frequencies increase the depth of signal penetration, enabling deeper testing to be carried out but at the cost of reduced defect sensitivity. Other electromagnetic inspection methods include magnetic flux leakage, conventional eddy current and alternating current field measurement testing.

However, because of the large volume of metal present as well as potential permeability variations within the product, these specialized eddy current probes are still limited in their inspection capabilities. Conductors moving through a uniform magnetic field, or time-varying field, will induce currents. Remote field testing is associated with eddy current testing and the term "Remote Field Eddy Current Testing" is often used when describing remote field testing. It is common, that other methods such as ultrasonic detection will be used in unison with eddy current testing because it provides a great depth. In manufacturing, or CNC machining, critical components often rely heavily on eddy current testing to inspect for surface cracks following the process. Box 157 3315 Connelly Rd. RFT is primarily used to inspect ferromagnetic tubing since conventional eddy current techniques have difficulty inspecting the full thickness of the tube wall due to the strong skin effect in ferromagnetic materials. Trainer operators know selecting the right probe that fits the geometry of the coil and size of the material is essential to conducting a proper examination. This table proves that although eddy current inspection can seem complex, it … Eddy current testing utilizes this physical process. The testing procedure uses an ECT probe, which is a coil of conductive wire that is excited by the alternating electric current. John Hansen is the managing director of Ether NDE. Figure 1: The AeroCheck+ using a rotating probe in a bolthole test piece.

Eddy current inspection can be used across a wide range of industries for a large number of applications. This is often used to test the subsurface and scan for surface cracks or caps in the areas that were impacted by heat. Source: Ether NDE, Figure 5: A conductivity measurement is demonstrated here. In addition, thickness measurements rely on samples of known thickness. Source: Ether NDE, Figure 6: Industries, Applications & Ideal Eddy Current Solution Table. Eddy current testing is a method of non-destructive testing, or NDT, that utilizes the process of electromagnetic induction for the evaluation and measurement of conductive materials without causing damage. Skilled operators looking to provide the best testing performances can select the right type of probe and determine the demand for additional frequencies and probes.

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