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20th century Parisian bohemia right in the heart of the West End, morgans  I was sold. I love going back to Manhattan, it’s such a reminder of the fast pace and the cold weather. You can take a family on a rainy day, have a meeting there, eat at Verde. The man literally was walking 5 or 6 hours commuting to work for several years, and I think it was inspiring for us in Miami who have these amazing lives and beautiful weather and we take that for granted. The Miami fashion scene is always evolving and the rules are minimal at best. I think the people are so friendly. As far as fashion, I bet there are a lot of people across the country wishing they could be dressed for Miami. Cleveland Office Listening to what people have to tell you is a great way, and just being out there and being social. Jared E. Shapiro. Everywhere you go there is a new gallery, and they are shaping entire neighborhoods. hudson  Models are also great to showcase fashion, and actresses with upcoming projects, and more. Jared Shapiro, Self: VH1 News Presents. A light linen or cotton shirt, long sleeve, Ted Baker type that is versatile, and a Sundek bathing suit. When the rest of the country is freezing, it makes the beach so much better. Who or what has inspired you recently, and why? 5005 Rockside Road, Suite 800 It’s also how do you decipher what is relevant and what is not. Independence, OH 44131 Prior to running Ocean Drive, you worked for weekly magazines like InTouch, Life & Style, and UsWeekly. What do you love most about Miami? What designers do you think are very 'Miami'? What brought you to Miami? But the last 12 years prior to here, I was in NYC. We use cookies to offer you a better experience and analyze site traffic. The banana bread is great too, and they do an awesome brunch spread. I came into Ocean Drive and to Miami with my eyes and ears open. Follow this creator:Website: http://oceandrive.comFacebook: http://facebook.com/oceandrive.magazine Twitter: http://twitter.com/oceandrivemag Twitter: http://twitter.com/jarshapInstagram: http://instagram.com/oceandrivemagInstagram: http://instagram.com/jarshap. So I'd say you have to go to South Pointe and see that side of Miami. Jay Pharoah and Bobby Moynihan killed it as castmates on "SNL." I love how Herve Leger still works but you'll find people wearing local sensation Alexis or accessories by Stella McCartney. Here its like, let's go play tennis, go biking, hang out by the pool. The opportunity was a great fit and it was something that would keep me in the same direction as NYC but in Miami. Naem Khan is moving his entire company down here, and they are going to be creating the clothing here now, which is exciting. The art scene is so massive in this town. Who do you think are the most fashionable people in Miami right now? Independence, OH 44131 It's such a unique city--I like to say that Miami is the type of place where you could see in a Lamborhgini drive up to a taco stand and grab a $2 taco and a beer. Favorite way to spend a Sunday: I love the beach. We’re looking for that continued relationship where we can all play together over the years. Bright, vibrant colors are very Miami for me. By continuing to use this website, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with our Privacy Policy. That’s a good question. A weekly is faster than a week, because you don’t get 7 days to work on a weekly, it’s more like 4 or 5.

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