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Double D cleared his throat, turned the page, and began to read. A detention! Two, we have school tomorrow and I don't want to be late this time!" "Right after school," she said, still frowning.

They..." Suddenly, the entrance flew open with a loud bang like a gunshot. "Argh!

Follow/Fav Paper Mario Eds. 5. the teacher asked while coming in. You can even leave ideas for OCs in the reviews. Rated: T - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 133 - Published: After learning about the Eds' new friends, the Cul-De-Sac kids and the rest of the Peach Creek kids storm off to Peach's Castle to attack Mario and all of his friends. Ed exits his house and place more boxes near the dustbins, "Ed what is with all this boxes?"

Just A Prank by No Guns Only Roses. Mario + Ed, Edd n Eddy Crossover. Paper Mario Eds: Heroic Stars is the fifth fanfic created by TrueSapphire on fanfiction.net. Eddy lifted up his upper body with wide eyes before looking at the clock again. He went to the Disc Channel and presses the Start button. Changed italicized, thought dialogues to have no quotations. "No question asked." Ed said as he started to jump up and down on his seat. "Hey Eddy." Leave a review containing your ideas and I will try to put your ideas in. "Something tells me they're not from here.". Don't mind the silly story title, the poor lighting, or the ramshackle stoop that is my corner of the woods. Many kinds of fanfiction had included him in crossovers meeting the Eds …


"I highly doubt it, Eddy!" A red one on the left, a green one on the right and a blue one in between the green and the red.

Oh, hey there! "Well Double D if you're so sure about it, then why haven't you heard of this? The students replied with their own morning greeting, though they lacked the upbeat energy. Now it's up to the Eds and Mario to make sure the Star Road is repaired, and that Smithy doesn't gain access to their world! All of a sudden on the mini screen it said 3….2….1…..GO! "Edd described to the crowds, "I love Wii games," said Jimmy enthusiastically "They are so much fun. Double D turned the next page. Review and don't flame, please. Finding themselves in a mysterious world, Eddy and Rolf set off on an adventure with a certain Italian plumber to find their friends, free the Star Spirits, and ultimately allow the wishes of the people to come true once again. There will be terrible consequences. ", "Okay our next item is a replica of Chainsaw man's chainsaw. Come in to read stories and fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the Ed, Edd n Eddy universe. It was 7:50 AM.

It's up to Andrew and Ed to save her time and again! The two turned around to find their teacher staring them down with a scary scowl on her face. It's Ed! Double D glanced at the clock; 30 seconds was left. More . But when they decide to play Super Mario RPG, things don't go as they expected. Rated T for video game violence. Double D frowned at Eddy, then looked down at the pages. "Now let's try using it!" Please read and review! A remake of my story Mario Kart Ed. Ed drove past boxes with question marks. His clothes, while not really retro or expensive, but could pass as such. You're headin' back into the swamp!

With the help of Mario and new partners along the way, the Eds must recover the Star Rod and find their way back home.

Well, Ain't We A Pair by TheHooligan. "'Today, I'm going to tell the story of Star Spirits and Good Wishes.'" Follow/Fav Strand Ed With Peering Eyes. The teacher walked up to the front of her classroom. The teacher started to write out their detention forms to Ed and Eddy.

"No! Double D answered, eyes shut. What a concept! "I will now begin roll call. ", "I think it was from looking at one of my comics, yeppers!". "Good morning, class," she said. When they arrived at Ed's house they saw boxes filled to the rim with stuff like comics and old toys on Ed's lawn. Rated: K - English - Chapters: 9 - Words: 7,460 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 1 - Updated: It was another ordinary day, right? Ed laughed out loud. "How do you move this stupid thing." The Eds frantically scanned around. Ed answered, "Let's auction it for cash," Eddy said even more excitedly "We could make a fortune.".

His name was Double D, who wore a black beanie on his head, red shirt, long tie, purple shorts, long red socks, and blue shoes. "We...made...it..." Eddy said, putting his hands on his wobbling knees before collapsing on the floor.

"I can't!"

While some would play on the freshly cut grass others would lounge indoors, watching TV.

Do it, Kammy Koopa!" With the help of Mario and new partners along the way, the Eds must recover the Star Rod and find their way back home. Dry Bowser noticed this strange bunch as he rubbed his bony chin. By: TrueSapphire [PCB - Chr 1]. Eddy never really comprehended Ed since they have first met. 2. "What?" Eddy grinned evilly and tried to throw the shell at Ed's head but his range wasn't long enough.

While they were pulling the book away, they saw the spiky turtle thing with the Star Rod on his hand. "Well..." He pinched his own nose. His hair was brown, stringy, and unkempt, all of it being slicked back with some sort of men's hair gel. The blue button lit up brightly. Some parts in the story have been skipped. "Oh no! Used "thought" as a dialogue tag.8. Trouble! said Edd "There are no pedals.". "My hand is stuck!" the giant spiked turtle said.

They're too late! More. Corrected many silly mistakes as possible (spelling, grammar, etc).2. ", "Double D move on to our highlight item."

"Eddward, where are your friends who are late to my class?". The teacher nodded. "'And then...'" He stopped, leaning his head closely at the page.

Eddy then rested his right cheek on his right fist. We can explain why were-", Gritting her teeth, the teacher swung her right arm horizontally. Mario and Ed, Edd n Eddy crossover fanfiction archive with over 19 stories. "What is it, Ed?" "That teacher didn't let me explain and I ended up with two detentions! Oh no! He sniffed something awful, forcing him to open up his eyes. Ed's kart flipped and Eddy regained first place as the first lap came to an end. Eddy ,curious to see what would happen, drove straight through the mysterious floating box and a picture of a red turtle shell appeared on the mini screen. But once Bowser and Peach find that there are humans in the land, they will stop at nothing to find the six. This was just another ordinary summer's day…, Our story starts with Edd (But everyone called him Double D to prevent confusing him from a guy called Ed) and Eddy (Who is obsessed with money so he tries to scam the innocent children of their hard earned pocket money so he could purchase a sugar-coated orb of sweetness and delight called jawbreakers) .Edd and Eddy were walking down the street to Ed's house to think of a new scam. Eddy was Yoshi, Kevin was Bowser, Rolf was Koopa Troopa and Jimmy was Baby Mario.

A few moments later Eddy was in a kart. "No wonder you smell atrocious." Everyone, except some people, groaned. Show yourself!" You'll be presenting your report to the front of the class."

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