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Now, the same resolution may be taken with the thought "If I steal, I He is the host of the podcast “5 Minute Dharma” and a writer at Patheos. But this goes back to my whole argument that suffering is not an adequate translation of dukkha. of Self-Confidence, In

act is that it would thwart your attainment of a state transcending sorrow, The Buddha then tells the story of how the monk ended up blind before he could be fully awakened. 5. You

The training begins with morality. past but your karmic opportunity in the present: Just like you can’t stop a bird from flying over your head, but you can stop it from building a nest in your hair. I also want to point out that this verse says that mano can be corrupt. ), “having something in mind as a plan or design.” So “The road to hell is paved with good plans.” This is not what the Buddha meant by intention. be accompanied by the understanding that it is for your own benefit and sake

effect, you can work to produce its causes; and if you do not desire a certain

[Karma] is a natural law like any other natural law. And so he gave her some medicine that blinded her permanently. I am the owner of my karma . We have the ability and the responsibility to choose to direct our actions on As a vehicle of Buddhist thought, the Dhammapada's haunting poetry adds beauty and emotion to what can often seem a rigorously intellectual discipline. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. So literally it is, “intention preceded dhamma,” or as I translate it, “Moral Character is preceded by intention.”.

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First, I am very clear about what is in the Pali and what is not. Such persons fall into a hell of endless darkness with no hope of release.

This is what Thomas Byrom is trying to get at with his translation, “We are what we think” (Dhp 1 Byrom). "The Dhammapada is best known in its Pali form, and that is the version translated here.

When we weigh a particular act, to determine whether it is moral or spiritual, It is the motive behind an act that gives it moral character. It is not the mind itself.

Moral Character and Intention in the Dhammapada. They will do us nothing but harm if we The only other difference is that I translate dukkha as unhappiness rather than the usual “suffering.” This makes more sense when you read the next verse: Moral character is preceded by intention, ruled by intention, produced by intention. Likewise, the places that we will experience in future rebirths

position to help, Bhikkhu Sujato, who is still working on his translation of the Dhammapada, uses “intention” to translate mano: “Intention is the forerunner of all things; intention’s their master, they’re made by intention.

But someone might object that I am reading into the verse what is not there. Dharma (teachings), The

I think that many people think that translating is easy. English-language editions have been published in the US, the UK, and India. A conventional enemy may harm us, but patience and a refusal to retaliate can This is why Bhikkhu Bodhi translated it as “volition.”, But “intention” in philosophy means something different.

bring us benefit both in this life and in the future.

simply through the passage of time.

Occasionally people who do not have a proper knowledge predicament that they're in now, Please also opt me in for Exclusive Offers from Patheos’s Partners. am acting against the divine law of God." life.

We all have a common responsibility for our world and are connected with everything in it. If one some evil does then do it not again and again. Notice that all these translations are referring to our moral character: “We are”, “All that we are”, “What we are”, and “their quality.” Another common translation is “mental states” (Dhp 1 Buddharakkhita), or “(The mental) natures” (Dhp 1 Radhakrishnan).

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