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Though he normally has strange powers, he tells the player during a Dexter Guide Mission that Fusion Demongo stole them from him, making him unable to steal souls and call upon the souls of the warriors he stole.

His voice is quite high-pitched and whenever he says "master", he says it like "mast-aa", with the final syllable almost in a whisper. He does not fight his own battles, but summons the essence of mighty warriors to fight for him.

Chritchellites | He later returned during an episode of Samurai Jack Season 5, where he visited the Da Samurai bar, seeking to take the souls of the great warriors inside. He was likely created by Aku to collect the essence of warriors, as some of them were once "thorns on Aku's side", and then enslave them to do their captor's biddings as obedient minions.

Once the players Fusion Matter meter fills up all the way when they’re level 15, the Scotsman calls in telling them to go to Leakey Lake, as a new Nano awaits for them there. Black Mass The first four seasons are available on Region 1 DVD. Demongo Demongo Name Demongo Alias Demo (by Chi) Stress ball (by Aku's soldiers) Snot (fake name) Origin Samurai Jack Sex Male Species Demon Status Alive Eye Color Blue Hair Color Blue Fire Friends Jack 'O Lantern, Aku, Chi Enemies Samurai Jack Occupation(s) Soul Hunter (formerly), Royal Herald, Jester, Babysitter, Stress ball Residence Underworld. Demongo himself was shown to be back in the world of the living in Episode XCVll, long after Aku (presumably) executed him for his failure. The other are. But he isn't featured in any cutscenes. He is also known as “The Soul Collector”, as he has the power to absorb the souls (also referred to as essence) of the warriors he defeats and add them to himself to make him stronger.

A prize indeed. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Gender The Gentleman | Demongo Demongo is one of the antagonists in Samurai Jack. Demongo introduced himself and informed Jack of his intentions right away. Cronus |

However, he likely did have some level of formidable ability, as he most likely had to defeat at least one powerful warrior to begin his collection. Demongo is one of the many enemies of Samurai Jack and is one of Aku’s most powerful minions.

He is also known as “The Soul Collector”, as he has the power to absorb the souls (also referred to as essence) of the warriors he defeats and add them to himself to make him stronger. It's possible that he hides aspirations of succeeding or even overthrowing Aku, as suggested when he claims that Jack is too great for his master to destroy, but not for him. (Episode XCVII). The player arrives at Leaky Lake to find that Numbuh Four and some others are being attacked by Wild Cogfish.

However, he likely had some level of formidable ability, as he most likely had to defeat at least one powerful warrior to begin his collection. Evil-doer The greatest of all warriors. The warriors attack Jack but all were eventually defeated. X-49 | Type of Villain ", "Samurai Jack?

He was presumably erased from existence after the destruction of Aku in the past, since he was seemingly his creation. When he wants to summon one of these warriors, he detaches one of the skulls from his body and strikes it with a lightning-like beam, making the warrior appear in a flash of light. Aku thought it over for a moment, but ultimately decided against it and seemingly killed Demongo by crushing his prison. His essence was then absorbed by Aku into a glass skull. After Titan's presumed demise, Demongo summoned four more unnamed warriors whom Jack knew and Demongo explained that they were also once enemies of Aku but he now controlled their souls. As if nothing can get any worse for him, all of the warriors he has kept in enslavement are free to take their revenge.

Demongo is similar to his master, Aku, as he is completely evil, but is more cowardly than his master is. Information

After a long struggle, Jack defeated the remains of Demongo's minions and figured out that the trapped souls were within Demongo. The Soul CollectorDealer of DestructionMerchant of Doom

Kevin Michael Richardson

Josephine | When this happened, he was confronted by the now-living warriors and was quickly overwhelmed and killed. When Demongo busted into the older Da Samurai's bar looking for souls, he quickly realized that he was looking in the wrong place and left in order to search in the correct place. Demongo seems to know about a super-powerful weapon that could be created from the remains of several of Fuse's enemies that had gone berserk briefly beforehand. ", "But, I see, I have come to the wrong place! https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Demongo?oldid=3967005. He sees Samurai Jack as just another addition to his collection. After the player defeats nine of the monsters, Numbuh Four asks the player to meet him at the Jungle Outpost, with the Scotsman telling them that Numbuh Four might have info on Fusion Demongo’s henchman. emongo appears within Huntor's Crest in the Darklands in the Past, in front of the gate to the Dark Glade. Demongo's original design from the cartoon, Demongo at Huntor's Crest (Original Game). Demongo is obsessed with collecting the essence of powerful warriors and beasts for increasing his own power.

The fifth season of Chicago P.D., an American police drama television series with executive producer Dick Wolf, and showrunner Rick Eid, premiered on September 27, 2017 and concluded on May 9, 2018.The season contained 22 episodes This season featured its 100th episode.

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