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The Best Boxing Game in Years. Log in sign up. Click here. I own both too and much prefer TotF, I don't even use Creed anymore. I’m leaning towards thrill of the fight because it seems like you can do more, plus it’s only $10 versus creed’s $30 price tag. However, it plays a role in the PVP making sure you don't just dominate against your opponents or vice versa. I’m leaning towards thrill of the fight because it seems like you can do more, plus it’s only $10 versus creed’s $30 price tag. The build up of damage and body language during the fight really makes you want to keep going until you can’t throw another punch. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Dude. I'm the dev of The Thrill of the Fight. Do not over do it though.. seriously, you WILL HURT TOMORROW and I dont care how good of shape you think you are in. Wish Thrill had that so I didn’t have to swap apps. I use this for cardio everyday and I walk away drenched in sweat. Excellent work and can't wait to see it in quest! Thrill of the fight is amazing. Creed is more of a traditional video game and has no real physical application because you can just rabbit punch everyone. TAKE THIS SERIOUS.

Depends what you want to do. I think you should try knockout league. I like games that have replayability to them and I'm stuck in between the two.

I've seen Creed having better graphics and multiplayer mode alongside minigames and wave mode. For the record, If Creed and Thrill of the fight merged into a single game, there would be no better boxing game. When Creed launched, they had a gameplay preview trailer that said "This is not real-life boxing. Thanks for reading :). Which you like better will really depend on your preference between the two approaches, and it's certainly possible to like both games, too. I want to try a boxing game with my trying to hold in glee BRAND NEW Oculus Quest! I went with Thrill Of The Fight and I am very happy. If you go into Thrill of the Fight trying to "waggle" punch you will not get through your first match. It’s very fun. Played against the first CPU and won on points. Howdy!

Been debating on getting creed or waiting for the thrill of the fight. I don't have a specific release date yet, but it should be before the end of the year (most likely before the end of November but maybe possibly even before the end of October if everything goes perfectly). Although TOTF actual fighting is a bit better. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Thanks for the attention and for a game that, while I haven't yet played, seems to be appreciated by everyone. After playing through just the first round of my first real match, I had a clear … So Questers, which one is better? They both have merit. Thrill of The Fight vs Creed: 4. Thrill of the Fight (my favorite VR game ever) is a no holds barred boxing sim. I'm happy to answer any questions about TotF if you have any. Good to know! That’s all I use creed for though in ask other respects Thrill is a more accurate boxing sim. Played Creed Demo and TofT. I own/play Creed and Totf blows it out of the water. Thrill of the Fight (my favorite VR game ever) is a no holds barred boxing sim. Creed has great things about it too. Creed's stamina system is just awful and a good example of what not to do in VR. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. As much as i wanted to knock the dude off, it just wasnt possible. r/OculusQuest: A place to discuss the Oculus Quest. I'll summarize short and sweet: Creed = arcadey gamey boxing, TotF = boxing simulator. Creed: Rise to Glory offers a more cartoony look than Thrill of the Fight but the detail in its characters and especially the stadiums you fight in, are a lot more apparent. The idea is to try to put you as the player as close to the real experience as I can achieve. Trailer for Thrill Of The Fight. I’m in poor shape that’s why I’m getting beat saber and TOTF, trying to combine interests with working out to make it feel less blegh y’know? For that reason, I would go with Thrill of the Fight over Creed when it's released. But I've seen quite a few people talk about Thrill of the fight being better aswell. Their training is better IMO than both creed and TOTF.

Is one better than the other or is it just a personal preference thing? Never fail to come out sweaty with Thrill and always feel like I'm actually boxing. They do little things to capture the feel of the movies like ‘montage’ where it makes you play a series of cinematic moments in succession. It’s very much a ‘sim-cade’ boxing title(but not fully arcade like the dire Knockout League), which will bring in the more casual gamers. My god were my shoulders sore after first day of playing. I've tried to keep TotF's price (US$10) in line with what TotF has to offer. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Howdy! Battle damage is a MUST. I'd be happy to answer any questions about the game if you have any. I understand your game is meant less arcadey so I will probably like it better, still a demo would be cool. Thrill of the Fight delivers on a promise that boxing fans have been dreaming of ever since they first tried a boxing video game. I have both and I think thrill of the fight is better by far, just my opinion. Played it for a long long time on vive. Press J to jump to the feed. User account menu • Creed vs Thrill of the fight… TOTF is probably the better "boxing simulator". By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I hate the fighting in it but the practice mode mini games are fun and also a great workout. When is the release date and is it much better than creed like I've heard from other people. Both games feature spectators watching the fights but Creeds are a bit more lively. Which is the better VR boxing game?

Howdy! They have the rocky music which is huge to me. They don’t need to control stamina for us when we literally run out of stamina in real life. Is one better than the other or is it just a personal preference thing?

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