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Jak jsem byl v roce 1989 ve vězení

Thank you for visiting,I had been waiting to hear from you I hope all is well Go to this blog for details But if the monsters were all in Courage’s imagination, that what was Fusilli? Who’s Eunice?

Courage probably saw the neighbour as a giant threatening bird , but in reality that normal human lady just needed Eunice to baby sit her kids. Every episode showed him battling monsters , ones which his owners didn’t even realize were around the house. I’m sorry, but if you didn’t get goosebumps when you read this, you’re not human.

( Log Out /  Makes sense, right?

How was this counted as a kid’s cartoon? WHY COURAGE THE COWARDLY DOG IS THE MOST MESSED UP CARTOON OF THE 90S. What if they were ordinary people who Courage imagined to be evil or dangerous, like say the postman or the cleaner? THIS MEANS THAT EVERY EPISODE THEREAFTER IS A FIGMENT OF HIS IMAGINATION. actually the great Fusilli killed Eustace and Muriel but they’re puppets so they’re dead and after Fusilli’s defeat or death, courage goes into a psychological state thinking that Eustace and Muriel are still alive but in reality they’re long gone., Thank you Sheldon!

Now, Courage seems to be a dog who is disturbed beyond normal situations. But do they? Courage the Cowardly Dog, as much as I watched it, was and will always be the most twisted show there ever was. Popular Courage the Cowardly Dog & Animation videos . The owners are shown to be too old to walk their dog. Haha, can’t believe this post is still discussed, love the insight though! I feel scarred. Courage would have gotten them back with the computer’s help in the gap between s1 and s2 and also Eustace has died many times and in the next episode he would be totally fine so this was just like the first time Muriel died so yeah that means this episode is only disturbing and not a chronological end. The vulture wanted Muriel to watch her babies. his owners had already died…. So all Courage has ever seen is the inside of the house and front patio. ( Log Out / 

So after season 1 its a flash back of courage’s past memory of them. If this playwright alligator was a figment of his imagination, then Eustace and Muriel shouldn’t be dead. Especially the end. Now you might be wondering what neighbors?

Frankly, I don’t remember one good thing about it. I’ll check it out now . his owners had already died… I’m sorry, but if you didn’t get goosebumps when you read this, you’re not human. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. This got me thinking back to the episode I feared the most. THIS MEANS THAT EVERY EPISODE THEREAFTER IS A FIGMENT OF HIS IMAGINATION. He hasn’t ever been outside. They live in the middle of nowhere. The great fusilli episode gave me the creeps too. This theory is strengthened by the episode where a giant bird picks the owner, Eunice, only to later reveal that she wants Eunice to look after her bird babies. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. How does this make sense? The vulture wanted Muriel to watch her babies. ( Log Out /  So yeah this last episode is the most disturbing ever. Now think about this – what if there were no monsters? No wonder his owners seemed so calm, right? It was the final episode of season 1 and they show that Courage puppets the dead bodies of his owners with a will and desire to have them around forever. But, recently I got to reading this theory about the show. Change ). To them, they just saw their dog going wild and running around the house whenever someone visited. ( Log Out /  Courage the Cowardly Dog - Topic; 150 videos; 471 views; Last updated on Jul 17, 2019 Were the makers high? Change ), You are commenting using your Google account.

*shudders*. So for him, there is no world outside! Especially the end. Courage the Cowardly Dog is a cartoon I used to watch as a child. Also the Fusilli episode gave me the creeps too.

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