Jak jsem byl v roce 1989 ve vězení

1943, Watch On The Rhine | Director: 4 for Dark Victory (1939) *NEEDS A REWATCH |

Michael Curtiz Stars: 7 for Payment on Demand (1951) 1964, The Empty Canvas

Ann Sheridan, 1935, The Girl From Tenth Avenue 1936, Satan Met A Lady | 75. |

John Abbott, PG Daisy Appleby

1. 1939, Juarez 1 Episode (1954), The Dick Cavett Show In particular, Bette Davis had many well-known relationships in Hollywood.

Peggy Gardner Stars: A seemingly timid but secretly ruthless ingénue insinuates herself into the lives of an aging Broadway star and her circle of theater friends. 96 min Marie Roark

Nevertheless, Davis remained one of classic Hollywood’s greatest and most iconic stars.

6 for Beyond the Forest (1949)

52. Teresa Wright,

Valerie Purvis

9 for Now, Voyager (1942) For a complete list of my favorite actors, click here. she is regarded as one of the greatest actresses in film history. 1956, Storm Center Wesley Addy, Votes:

Dangerous (1935) became the first time she won an Academy Award for Best Actress. Passed

Miriam Hopkins,

In hindsight, Davis’ superior performance should have won her a third Academy Award, but Greer Garson’s more patriotic turn took home the Oscar for Best Actress instead. (1962), which garnered her a final nomination for an Academy Award.

5 for Front Page Woman (1935) 138 min

82. 6 for Little Gloria…Happy at Last (1982) (TV) (she was hardly in it, but her performance was like an 8!) Bette Davis, A frumpy spinster blossoms under therapy and becomes an elegant, independent woman.

1 Episode, 20,000 Years In) 104 min

Agnes Moorehead, Passed Director: Drama, Romance. Joyce Ramsey Monty Woolley, | 4 for Mr. Skeffington (1944) All About Eve (1950) $4.05M, Approved Stars: she is regarded as one of the greatest actresses in film history. Millionairess 1933, Ex-Lady The Merv Griffin Show She received an Academy Award nomination for her performance in Dark Victory (1939), and earned acclaim for her performances in The Old Maid (1939) and The Letter (1940). Humphrey Bogart & Bette Davis movies by meliajanssen | created - 09 Apr 2019 | updated - 09 Apr 2019 | Public List of movies starring Humphrey Bogart and Bette Davis together. Films 64 Comments 4 Followers 19 My favorite actress.

Davis earned her sixth Oscar nomination but lost out to ​Joan Fontaine in ​Suspicion (1941). |

not in the database 1941, The Bride Came C.O.D.

6.5 for The Working Man (1933)

| 1933, The Working Man

1 Episode (1957), Hour of Stars

Director: Bette Davis,

Paul Henreid,


Top 20 Bette Davis Movies show list info. Although Davis earned strong reviews for her performance in The Star (1952), her career waned throughout the remainder of the decade.

1931, Seed Director:

1961, Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Davis was at the top of her game as the tempestuous, gin-swilling Broadway legend who takes a promising fan, Eve Harrington (Ann Baxter), under her wing, only to see her scheming protégé stab everyone in the back on her own rise to stardom. Natalie Wood, Stars: 6 for Golden Arrow, The (1936) Old friends Kit Marlowe and Millie Drake adopt contrasting lifestyles: Kit is a single, critically acclaimed author while married Millie writes popular pulp novels. | Drama, Film-Noir.


1 Episode (2007), The Wonderful World of Disney 2. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Mrs. Van Schuyler Kay Russell 1931, The) Davis made a transition to Warner Brothers in 1932, and made her breakthrough performance in The Man Who Played God (1932), opposite George Arliss. She played an aging Broadway star, Margo Channing, who is manipulated by an obsessed fan. Fight promoter Nick Donati grooms a bellhop as a future champ, but has second thoughts when the 'kid' falls for his sister. The Bad Sister (1931) Passed | 68 min | Drama. 1 Episode (2008), Day at Santa Anita

Jane Hudson Director:

1969, The Anniversary 21. | My favorite films of one of the greatest actresses that ever lived. Marie Hoke

83 min


Bunny O'Hare

1965, Hush ... Hush, Sweet Charlotte

Hocus Pocus 2.

112 min

Stuart Erwin, 1939, Jezebel Davis received a career revival in All About Eve (1950) for 20th Century-Fox. Stars:

Susan Grieve 57. |


1978, Burnt Offerings The Menace (1932) Sexy Beast 3. 7 for Dead Ringer (1964)

Janet Frobisher 39. Stars:

2 Episodes (2005-2008), Bio Classics A notorious perfectionist who often clashed with her directors and co-stars, Davis was nonetheless decidedly professional and delivered her best regardless of the project.

Robert Aldrich No one came close to her accomplishments when it came to actors’ rights. Released: 1950. Movies of Bette Davis (Complete List) 1. Bette Davis,

7.5 for Letter, The (1940) Anatole Litvak 3 for Hush… Hush, Sweet Charlotte (1964) Frieda Inescort, Passed 34. One of Davis' biggest successes at Warner Brothers was Now, Voyager (1942), which earned her another Academy Award nomination. 71.

63. Leslie Howard, Robert Aldrich

Davis played Julie Marsden, a spoiled, strong-willed Southern belle who makes a spectacle of herself over her love of a gentleman banker (Henry Fonda), but ultimately finds redemption and humility in the face of an outbreak of yellow fever. 3 for Where Love Has Gone (1964) Directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz, All About Eve marked Davis’ return to prominence after a string of setbacks. 82 min 1932, Three On A Match Leslie Crosbie 1946, Hollywood Remembers Leading Men & Women The Present with a Future (1943) Director: Henry Fonda,

| 58. Davis earned her first Academy Award nomination for her turn as the slatternly Mildred Rogers in Of Human Bondage (1934). 110 min Stars: 5 for Anniversary, The (1968) I’ve got EVERY Bette Davis Film in some form, even a few on old VHS tapes from the 80’s, all except SEED.

6 for A Piano for Mrs. Cimino (1982) In Irving Rapper’s tear-jerking melodrama, Now, Voyager, Davis gave a commanding performance that ranks as one of the best of her career. 1989, The Whales Of August Beautiful, interesting, incredible cinema. 1972, Bunny O'Hare James Cagney,

29. |

), National Film Society Artistry in Cinema Awards.

1950, Beyond The Forest

| 11.

Grace Blair Peter Ustinov, Movies. Stars: William Wyler Bette Davis, A waitress, a hobo and a bank robber get mixed up at a lonely diner in the desert. Anne Baxter, Oliver Reed,

Movies With Low Scores on Rotten Tomatoes Everyone Has Seen. Bette Davis, 1980, The Dark Secret of Harvest Home

53. Nanny 1941, The Great Lie

A family moves into a large old mansion in the countryside which seems to have a mysterious and sinister power over its new residents. But when refused the money, Regina tries blackmailing her brothers to disastrous effect – namely the loss of her daughter’s love and respect.

| 50. Kitty Marlowe 95 min 23.

1942, The Man Who Came To Dinner

6 for Right of Way (1983) (TV) Frank Capra

See my ranked list below.

Alabama Drama, Horror, Thriller. After marrying her long lost love, a musician finds the relationship threatened by a wealthy composer who is besotted with her. | | |


This account, that attempts to list the actress’ greatest moments on screen, reflects this fact.

4 for Dark Horse, The (1932) A financially-strapped charter pilot hires himself to an oil tycoon to kidnap his madcap daughter and prevent her from marrying a vapid band leader. Claude Rains, Director: With her most famous onscreen line, "Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy night," Davis earned yet another Oscar nomination for Best Actress as Margo Channing, the most iconic role of her career.

Bette Davis,

6 for So Big!

Bette Davis, Sara Muller Drama, Romance.

1. 1951, Another Man's Poison

Norma Frank

Motion Pictures (Location: 6225 Hollywood Blvd. Stars: Comedy, Romance.

8 for Star, The (1952) As her popularity waned, Warner Brothers dropped her contract in 1949, and from thereafter on, she occupied a freelance career.

5 for Death on the Nile (1978)

Davis began acting in films in 1931, initially as a contract player with Universal Studios, where she made her film debut in Bad Sister (1931).

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