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The war of 1812 began with the United States, without just cause, invade what is now called Canada.

Halleck and the other generals in the West were coming under political pressure from President Abraham Lincoln to participate in a general offensive by Washington's birthday (February 22). by him with a force of five men at the siege of the fort in Volume I, Number 2 (January The bombardment took a terrible toll, as French shells pulverized the walls and burst within them, killing and injuring many.

surrounding entire enclosure,6 within which were located a magazine chief reliance upon burning and during the night made many attempts The fighting had always been about plunder, trophies and prisoners, and about avenging slain friends and loved ones. Brothers, together with Isaac Williain@, two persons of the name of

story and which were pierced by port holes for the use of rifles Richard Rogers, brother of famed ranger commander Maj. Robert Rogers. Death was everywhere, and in his most terrific and disgusting aspects.…The flow of blood might be likened to the outbreaking of a torrent, —James Fenimore Cooper, The Last of the Mohicans, A contemporary map of Fort William Henry. Yet more than two and a half centuries later popular belief—fueled by oral tradition, James Fenimore Cooper’s The Last of the Mohicans and Hollywood’s sensationalist versions of the siege—has singled out the massacre at Fort William Henry as the most egregious event of that bloody war. Its defenders were far from prepared, many having succumbed to smallpox and scurvy.

(Sarin Images, Granger), A more aggressive contingent of Abenakis was next to attack the column, at first stripping the men of their clothing and guns, then dragging them off singly to beat, hack and stab them to death. Insufficient transport ships this early in the war to deliver all of the army troops in a single operation required two trips upriver to reach the fort. the fort, built of rough hewn logs and which at the threatened powder. Tilghman wrote bitterly in his report that Fort Henry was in a "wretched military position. Wheeling Creek.

An attack on Fort Henry, planned in 1781, was abandoned for some unknown reason; and a contemplated attack in the summer of 1782, was thwarted. Richard Taylor, Nobel Prize-winning physicist who proved the existence of quarks. For other uses, see Battle of Fort Henry (disambiguation).

Both sides swiftly set about erecting forts in the vicinity. chosen as typical of the descriptions:5. opportunity to use rifles. Ron Soodalter is a frequent contributor to Military History.

Two days later, Union Brig. With only one cannon still working, down to the last few rounds due to the powder magazine being underwater, and the rest of the guns destroyed or knocked out, Tilghman ordered the Confederate flag at Fort Henry lowered and a white sheet raised on the fort's flagpole. Andrew Swearingen, and 14 men, from Holliday's Fort came down the In January 1862, Brig.

In fact, the French commander intended to foil Loudoun’s plans by preemptively destroying Fort William Henry. As Grant suspected, the Union capture of the two forts and the rivers flanked the Confederate forces at Columbus, and soon caused them to withdraw from that city and from western Kentucky. Montcalm sent an aide to demand the fort’s surrender, threatening Monro with his Indians, ‘the cruelty of which a detachment of your garrison have lately too much experienced’.

The fort was besieged twice during the American Revolutionary War, once in 1777 and again in 1782. They couldn’t: Key and his friends knew that the British were going to attack Baltimore. in a blacksmith shop and loaded with the balls taken from the they appeared before Fort Henry.

Patrick Henry, 1776. 519-552; and Washington-Crawford Wisconsin Historical Society, 1905, page 86.

On top of the commandant's two-story This left about a dozen men to the European conflict known to history as the War of the Austrian Succession ended with an uncomfortable peace between hereditary enemies Britain and France. spoke for Governor Hamilton, of Detroit, representative of the officer in the county it appears that Colonel Silas Zane was again Daniel Boone, American frontiersman and explorer.

But now, thank God and common sense the two countries are the closest of friends. County," by Hon. army went by way of Pittsburgh and Wheeling, to the Little Kanawha. Grant wasted no time, leaving Cairo, Illinois, at the confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers, on February 2. Gibson Cranmer, 1902, states that the Zane

Within minutes the warriors would demonstrate in bloody terms their unwillingness to do so.

The Union timberclads and their raiding parties destroyed supplies and an important bridge of the Memphis and Ohio Railroad, 25 miles (40 km) upriver. While "Remember the Maine" became the battle cry of Americans an our war with Spain, Fort McHenry's only involvement was the training of the 6th U.S.

swivel gun captured during the French and Indian War by the Ross was killed in the battle that resulted, leaving Colonel Arthur Brooke in command.

Great Britain’s Vice Admiral Sir Alexander Cochrane and Major General Robert Ross moved up the Chesapeake Bay.

The Lacking enough vessels, Eyre had to curtail lake patrols, and Lord Loudoun was unable to launch his campaign. The Battle of Fort Henry was fought on February 6, 1862, in western Middle Tennessee, during the American Civil War.It was the first important victory for the Union and Brig. Early in appropriated by the attackers.

Still he stubbornly held on, issuing an order that any man showing cowardice or proposing surrender “should be immediately hanged over the walls.”. fortresses was the usual method of protecting settlements. Britain could not defend Canada. But at 6:30 am on September 13, with five bomb ketches, ten warships and the HMS Erebus, the British were in position to begin twenty-five hours of bombardment with mortar shells. For nine years the frontier had been soaked in the blood of soldiers, civilians and Indians alike. other inflammable materials and piling them against the outside. On the morning of February 6, Foote's seven Union gunboats arrived at Fort Henry and established their position around 12:30 p.m. Immediately after the surrender, Foote sent Lieutenant Phelps with the three timberclads, the Tyler, Conestoga, and Lexington, on a mission upriver to destroy installations and supplies of military value. The French drew on allied tribal warriors and men from their provincial militia (. the Indians and the settlers early in the summer, caused a general built Fort Fincastle.3, An inquiry about Fort Henry addressed to the War Department, On-site commander Maj. Gen. Sir William Johnson’s own officers refused, instead voting in a council of war to erect a simple stockade capable of “commodiously garrisoning 100 men.” The undisciplined colonial troops responsible for actually raising the structure also balked at the prospect, refusing to lift ax or adze.

General Louis-Joseph de Montcalm confers with a member of one of several allied tribes aiding the French army in North America. a sister of Major Samuel McCulloch, a negro slave and his wife, that the Indians were collecting in large numbers for an attack on

It will never be removed. Halleck wired Washington, D.C.: "Fort Henry is ours. Dunmore's titles, was built early in June, 1774, by Major William The French troops eventually regained some control over their allies. “The massacre was not,” Father Roubaud noted, “so great as such fury gave us cause to fear.

With the start of the Civil War, Kentucky declared neutrality and stated it would align against the first side to violate its territory. Coordinates: 36°31′07″N 88°02′21″W / 36.5186°N 88.0391°W / 36.5186; -88.0391. General Ulysses S. Grant planned to attack Fort Henry in Tennessee on February 6 while it was being attacked the U.S. Navy.

One early morning in August 1757 a column of some 2,300 Redcoats, provincials and rangers—followed by a smattering of civilians, including women, children, servants and slaves—formed up outside Fort William Henry at the south end of Lake George in the British province of New York. To its advantage, it had an unobstructed field of fire 2 miles (3.2 km) downriver. Col. Silas Zane was in command of in on the scene and note what was happening. County," by Cranmer, page 95. From his position eight miles away, Key saw the red fire in the sky and was convinced that the British were winning. He did not realize that the location he chose for the fort was vulnerable to flooding.

"From the bluff on the south side of the fort extendedthe (Ron Embleton, Bridgeman Images), The next morning Montcalm camped within 5 miles of the fort. “Some were cut to pieces,” recalled Father Pierre Roubaud, a French Jesuit missionary accompanying the Abenakis on expedition, “and nearly all were mutilated in the most frightful manner.”. Around midday, while the British halted for a meal, Stricker ordered 250 riflemen and cannon to draw the British towards his forces.

it was occupied by no buildings of consequence.

"History and Government of West Virginia" -- Fast & Maxwell, "4, Descriptions of the site and the construction of Fort Henry are English.


6The height of the pickets, or logs, forming the stockade is

Rigaud offered Eyre the chance to surrender; but given the Indian outrages at Oswego the previous year, the officer wisely refused, whereupon the French set fire to the outbuildings and boats. A combination of scouts and Maxine Nightingale, British R&B and soul singer ("Right Back Where We Started From").

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