batman the brave and the bold joker

Jak jsem byl v roce 1989 ve vězení

Joker was taken into custody as a drooling mess. Doctor Randolph Porter |

Defeat Batman and usurp control of Gotham City.

Amygdala | As Owlman was returned to his dimension in bondage, the Joker, alongside the other bad guys, were sent to prison. He then created a giant mock Jack-In-A-Box vehicle dedicated to destroying every major city. The Joker was overwhelmed and couldn't handle the thought of being normal. Joker refuses, saying "where's the fun in that? Ten Eyed Man |

Joker | Two-Face | Harley Quinn | Penguin | Catwoman | Rupert Thorne | Riddler | Poison Ivy | Scarecrow | Mad Hatter | Killer Croc | Clayface | Ra's al Ghul | Mr. Suicide Squad | Malochia | Anarky | Ra's al Ghul | Deathstroke | Two-Face | Killer Croc | Simon Stagg | Professor Pyg | Mr. Toad | Man-Bat | Cypher | Magpie | Lady Shiva | Tobias Whale | Phosphorus Rex | Lunkhead | Humpty Dumpty | Silver Monkey | Key, Batman: The Brave and The Bold

Batman: The Killing Joke: Joker | Vinnie & Joe | Paris Franz Red Claw |

Just short of accomplishing his plan, the Joker weeped while the Weeper laughed. Batman summoned the Whirly-Bat and defeated the Joker. When the Big Three fought the trio, Joker was last to fall.

Freeze | He was voiced by Jeff Bennett, who also voiced another Batman villain, D.A.V.E., in The Batman.

Emperor Penguin | Batman: Hush: Riddler/Hush | Catwoman | Poison Ivy | Bane | Joker | Harley Quinn | Clayface | Scarecrow | Lex Luthor | Lady Shiva | Two-Face | Penguin | Mr. Upon returning to Gotham City in the present era, the Joker extracted Fisherman before he could be arrested in Atlantis. Freeze | Bane | Snowy Cones Thugs | Golums | Jason Woodrue Riddler |

Tiger Shark | Scarecrow | The Joker transforms the powerless Bat-Mite into a court jester and then kills Batman again... and again... and again. Broker |

Catwoman | He was incarcerated at Arkham Asylum but escaped a short time after Music Meister was defeated.

Batman (1989): Joker | Bob Hawkins | Alicia Hunt | Carl Grissom | Max Eckhardt | Vinnie Ricorso | Joe Chill On the night of a performance by Weird Al Yankovic, Mystery Incorporated arrived and became entangled in the mystery of the phantom.

Joker then proceeded to offer up his housewarming gift, a flamethrower. The Dark Knight: Joker | Joker's Thugs (Thomas Schiff, Chuckles, Kilson, Happy, Dopey, Grumpy & Bus Driver) | Two-Face | Sal Maroni | The Chechen | Gambol | Lau | Bank Manager | Michael Wuertz | Burmese Bandit Firefly | Batman Unlimited: Mechs vs. Mutants: Penguin | Mr. He escaped while on route to Arkham Asylum and regrouped at a hideout in an abandoned Busted Flush Plumbing building. & Batman: The Brave and the Bold: Riddler | Clayface | Joker | Mr.

He was voiced by Jeff Bennett, who also voiced another Batman villain, D.A.V.E., in The Batman . Tony Zucco | Alias The Joker almost got away but was neutralized by Weird Al. Batman managed to outsmart Joker and lured the villain to venture into his mind. An unpredictable psychotic whose more likely to laugh in the face of death and defeat than recoil, the Joker is rarely ever shown to be scared or angry, taking life as one big joke that only he gets. However, he misses and hits the Joker instead. Joker genuinely respected and cared for the Weever and tried to help him get back in his prime. Onomatopoeia | He appears again in "Hail the Tornado Tyrant!"

With Scooby forced to gorge on Scooby Snacks, the others would fall to their doom. Victim Syndicate |

Deadshot |

King Tut | An Innocent Guy | Freeze | Clayface | Riddler | Poison Ivy | Lex Luthor | Harley Quinn | Morgaine Le Fey | Sweet Tooth | Queenie Goldstein | Bane | Black Manta | Gentleman Ghost, Harley Quinn Batman Returns: Penguin | Red Triangle Circus Gang (Organ Grinder, Poodle Lady, Tattooed Strongman, Stungun Clown, Thin Clown, Fat Clown, Sword Swallower & Knifethrower Dame) | Max Shreck | Catwoman | Charles "Chip" Shreck Lex Luthor | He ends up getting arrested by the heroes at the end of the episode.

Prometheus |

Joker-mite resembles Jack Nicholson as the Joker in the 1989 film, When the Joker turns Bat-mite into his jester, he's wearing the same black & red outfit as Harley Quinn in. Humpty Dumpty | In the comics version, the villains are regular mobsters, rather than the archenemies (Joker, Mr.

Eager to restore the natural balance, the Joker devised a plan to team up with the real Batman. Mad Hatter | Freeze | Catwoman | Penguin | Harley Quinn | Poison Ivy The Joker escaped with the rest of the villains. Unknown Clock King |

Steeljacket |

Great White Shark | Months later, he attended a weapons sale and was less than pleased to learn the seller, Joe Chill, was responsible for the creation of Batman. Harley Quinn | Poison Ivy | Joker | Scarecrow | Queen of Fables | Darkseid | Parademons | Penguin | Mr. Ragdoll | Calendar Man | Batman: Year One: Batman | Commissioner Loeb | Carmine Falcone | Arnold John Flass | Catwoman | Joker When Owlman began a crime spree disguised as Batman, the Joker found himself outclassed. Batman Begins: Ra's al Ghul | League of Shadows (Ra's Decoy) | Scarecrow | Carmine Falcone | Victor Zsasz | Joe Chill Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman: Penguin | Bane | Rupert Thorne | Carlton Duquesne Barbatos | Freeze, Poison Ivy) in the Batman: The Brave and the Bold adaptation.

In "Game Over for Owlman", Joker teamed up with Batman to defeat Owlman when the villain was upstaging his own crimes.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

He wasn’t abusive to his girlfriend Harley Quinn ether. He eventually figured out the identity of the Batmen and sought to destroy all of them in his final plan then douse all of Gotham City in Joker Gas. Floronic Man | Joker was unable to getaway and his vehicle was left hanging on Gotham's golden statue of Justitia. The Joker quickly masters his new powers and casually subdues Batman.

He views Batman as not just a thorn in his side, but as an opposite — one he's not truly willing to get rid of, during the time he had Bat Mites power he could and did easily kill the dark knight multiple times only to resurrect him and then ultimately realizing how horrible things would be for him if he ever won.

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